3 thoughts on “Welcome to the new teacher to enter the group?”

  1. 1. Welcome to join the new teacher, we must support the teacher's work!
    2, hello new teacher, welcome to enter our children's class!
    3. Welcome new teachers and look forward to the new future.
    4. Welcome new teachers to inject new vitality.
    5, teacher, you come to my class, it is my fate, I hope I can get along well with you.
    6. Welcome to the teacher, I wish you a smooth work, good health, and rising.

    7, teacher, welcome you! We are like a lonely boat in the sea, because with you, we have the direction! You are the helm of our growth.
    The sowing in language, cultivating with colorful pen, pouring with sweat, and moisturizing with heart blood. This is the lofty labor of our beloved teacher. Together with the new teacher, look forward to the new future, use practical actions to move towards success.

  2. As follows:

    It parents, hello everyone! My name is so and so, first of all, on behalf of the teacher (class teacher), the teacher and the classmates of the whole class, we welcomed everyone's arrival. Let us thank you for participating in today's parent meeting with warm applause.
    The classmates in our class, just like the brothers and sisters of a big family, with the same hands and feet, each other, and help each other. Each of our classmates is a child of all parents, and you are also the parents of each of our classmates.
    Wan your care and love for your child is the care and care of us to destroy a classmate. We will sincerely report to you to study, activities, and life in our school, every shortcoming, every time, every time, every time One wish, the purpose is to hope that you can fully understand us, guide and support us, and accompany us to grow up healthy.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the following sentences: 1. Dear teachers, thanks to the teacher to Pei, who is a good student in the time of good students, you have cultivated our growth, making us really moral, raising, growing, and unforgettable teachers. The students have group chats, and you are welcome to enter our group and the teacher who can't forget. 2. Dear teacher hello, welcome you to participate in and guidance. You just say that teacher, you are a beacon, shining everywhere in our way. 3. Dear teacher, which class we are welcome to enter the group. The teacher has cultivated us to make our lives better.

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