Because Evergrande faces hundreds of lawsuits, can Evergrande be out of trouble in the short term?

4 thoughts on “Because Evergrande faces hundreds of lawsuits, can Evergrande be out of trouble in the short term?”

  1. Introduction: According to the current situation, Evergrande will not be out of trouble in the short term. With the rapid development of society, the real estate industry not only ushered in great development, but also one of the industries with very good future. With the continuous development of the real estate industry, more and more real estate companies have begun to have some big or small problems. Among the many real estate companies, Evergrande is a real estate company that is worthy of attention. Although Evergrande is a real estate company, Evergrande will also acquire companies in other industries. Due to acquisitions and other behaviors, Evergrande's enterprises are getting larger and larger.

    With the increasing development scale of Evergrande, some subsidiaries of Evergrande began to have some problems. Netizens who follow Evergrande may notice such a news, because of "stepping on the mine", Evergrande will face hundreds of lawsuits. Once this information was revealed, it attracted the attention and discussion of many netizens. Since Evergrande is a large company, many people may buy a house or buy other products in Evergrande. If there is any problem with Evergrande, it may affect many consumers.

    Although Evergrande is a large company, Evergrande may be trapped in this predicament in the face of many lawsuits. Essence The reason why Evergrande is unlikely to get out of trouble in the short term is mainly because of three aspects. The first aspect is Evergrande's "stepping on thunder". As we all know, if a company "stepped on the mine", then this company will not only face great development problems, but also may be attacked by competitors. The second aspect is that some subsidiaries of Evergrande also had problems.

    If Evergrande itself has some issues in lawsuits, then the issue of subsidiaries will have a more serious impact on Evergrande. The third aspect is that Evergrande has fallen into a brand dispute. Although Evergrande's development is very good, Evergrande has also caused many legal problems. Speaking of Tianjin Shanshui City Investment Co., Ltd., many people may not know much about this company. This company is one of Evergrande's subsidiaries. This company not only faces many legal disputes, but also ended with losses. The development of this subsidiary has also affected Evergrande's development.

  2. In the short term, it is not possible to get out of danger, because the funding gap is too large, and it is impossible to make financing in the short term and separate from difficulty.

  3. I personally think that Evergrande cannot get out of his quagmire in the short term. It is not a small number for his shortage of funds and owed. It is a small expenditure for the entire country. come out

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