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  1. Choose a community with a large number of people. The scope of water delivery in the barrel water industry should not be too large, and the rental should not be too expensive. Don't be too large in the store. You can rent another small warehouse. rnrn做什么生意你都要做好定位,赢利模式定位,做批发还是零售,还是两者都做,产品定位,价位高、中、低价水,水种矿泉水、 Pure water, mountain spring water.

    The water delivery is very important. It is better to start doing your own water delivery. It is troublesome to send the water and the unstable waterman. If you can send it yourself, you will not be controlled by the water delivery staff.

    The investment funds should not be too large. Only small water shops are stable and risks are small. The money that began to make is basically turned into a bucket deposit.

    The borrowing of empty buckets should be controlled. The reliable customer bucket can receive some deposits to borrow a few turns. Normally, it is better not to borrow the bucket. The barrel goes out to sell it, so the main points of the recovered barrel are better.
    do some publicity, such as free trial drinking, buying water and sending water dispensers, buying water and sending water, etc., do a good job of regular cleaning, water delivery and timely after -sales service.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. You are talking about how to develop franchise stores in the development of barrel water channel development. 2. Summarize the characteristics of your barrel water products. What are the advantages of it compared with other local barrel water. 3. The company can give you the permissions of the development of franchise stores, such as: gift drinking, borrowing barrels, free settlement, promotion, advertising, etc. 4. Make a leaflet with pictures (you can't take a bucket of water running business), and explain it verbally according to the description of the same owner on the single. This is the words of the same shop owner.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer a medium -sized bucket water distribution store. Generally, 2 to 4 water providers are hired, and 1 to 2 business contacts are hired. There should be 1 to 2 salespersons in the store. Statistics, 6 to 8 employees should be arranged. Business contacts are responsible for on -site sales services. Propagating the barrel water brand of distributing stores are the key to the store. With these basic preparations, a barrel water distribution store can be opened. Other methods: Investment franchise of barrel water operation stores: Authorized franchise store franchise fees generally only need a thousand yuan. The conditions that meet the prescribed conditions can return the franchise fee to the dealer, and the supplier provides a series of high -value brand services. The general investment of barrel water franchise stores is about 60,000 yuan, which is a class of franchise stores with relatively high investment. Franchise stores must have a unified signboard and store image. Perform professional training for all water delivery workers, and have detailed regulations for the standards, service processes, and terms of the image store. The brand image store must be responsible for the brand, with the obligation to maintain the brand image and expand the brand awareness. Value -based barrel water brand image stores will be the trend of barrel water franchise stores in the future.

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