1 thought on “What should we do to increase yield?”

  1. The current new model of yuba reinforcement with bean source rotten tendon can improve the yield that can not be thick, the tail paddle is good, the hardcore hair is very good, and the price is reasonable, and it has always been at the leading level of the industry. The user base is also relatively large. The pharmaceutical supervision bureaus of many places have a record, and the documents are complete. The production license clearly indicates that the bamboo additives do not play the industry and wipe the ball. At present, the rotten additive market is chaotic to make noodles as fans, etc., etc., and so on. Under the banner of food additives, we will be deceived. Can we produce fans with the production license of the production of bamboo? Can I produce instant noodles? The use of additives in an extra range of national standards is also facing huge penalties. I do n’t know the bamboo factory. Do n’t you know the additive manufacturer? Some companies dare to make suggestions for their benefits and suggestions for the majority of users to buy and recognize their qualifications with caution.

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