Can guys control how fast they come?

Sexuality is a complex and multifaceted aspect of human existence, and one question that often arises in discussions is: can guys control how fast they come? This topic touches on various areas, from biology and psychology to the advancements in sexual aids, such as the ass masturbator.

1. The Biological Aspect

Ejaculation results from a combination of physical and psychological stimulation. Biologically, some men may have a more sensitive penile response than others, causing them to ejaculate quickly. This sensitivity often relates to nerve endings, hormonal levels, and other genetic factors.

2. Psychological Factors

Mental and emotional states play a crucial role in sexual response. Stress, anxiety, and past traumatic experiences can influence how fast one ejaculates. Some men may find that being anxious about performance can lead to a quicker climax. Conversely, feeling relaxed and connected with a partner can often extend the duration of intercourse.

3. The Role of Sexual Aids

Enter the world of sexual aids, and you’ll find a range of tools designed to enhance and control the sexual experience. One such popular product is the ass masturbator. For many men, using such products helps them understand their bodies better. By practicing with the ass masturbator, they can train themselves to recognize the point of no return and potentially extend their endurance.

4. Techniques and Therapies

There are various techniques and therapies that men can explore to have more control over their ejaculation. The "stop-start" technique, for instance, involves pausing during sexual activity before reaching climax, then starting again. Over time, this method can help some men recognize and manage their arousal levels.

Similarly, pelvic floor exercises can strengthen the muscles involved in ejaculation, potentially offering more control over the process.

5. Open Communication

Having open discussions with partners about desires, anxieties, and needs is crucial. Understanding and patience from a partner can make a significant difference in how a man perceives his performance and can help in building confidence.


While biological factors play a role in how fast a man comes, various techniques, therapies, and aids like the ass masturbator can offer tools for exploration and control. The journey to understanding and managing one's body is deeply personal, but with patience, practice, and communication, many men find they can achieve a balance that satisfies both themselves and their partners.

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