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  1. The law of allowing the relationship between husband and wife to be eternal
    The law of eternal relationship between husband and wife, life is a distant journey, and companionship is the happiest existence in this journey. The two have been married for a long time, the freshness is gone, and the daily life is calm. Many feelings will start to taste slowly at this time, just like the itch for three years of pain and seven years. Next I tell you that the husband and wife relationship is eternal. I hope your feelings will never change.
    The laws that make husband and wife relationship permanent solidity 1. Learn to listen to each other's conversation with each other's conversations. people. He (she) is not polite, but out of real interest. Therefore, it should be given to the other party that he (she) is really important, although he or she talks about some "small" things.
    . Skin contact Peter Roropo said: "There is no warmth in a day, and the marriage relationship will shorten for two days. There is no need to hug often between couples. R n 3. Taking out feelings to marry, feelings are the water needed by flowers. Without feelings, the relationship between husband and wife will break. That is, take out feelings.
    4. Be patient must make the relationship continue to deepen the development. But trust is not possible overnight, and must be patient. Too much expectations and too much. You should be clear: You have time to know and understand each other, and take time.
    5. If you are sincere if you do something that the other party does not match, then you should (you should (you should have him (you should be with him. She) Talk and talk about the stalls. Maybe you don't have to talk to each other immediately, let alone talk about quarrels, but you can double to love each other, talk to each other in a calm and calm, and do nothing. Don't talk. Otherwise, how can the other party know, what do you like and what do you like? This is also applicable to sex.
    6. Forgive the other party’s shortcomings and weaknesses, you should allow the other party to have some shortcomings and weaknesses, and you should smile. He is forgiven the disadvantages and weaknesses of the other party. Anyone who insists on doing this, he has a voucher to happiness.
    7. Be careful and happy like glass, so it is easy to break. Therefore, your behavior is performed every day. It should be like this -it seems that you have just made a decision to give him or her or her. You should show him how happy your love makes you.
    8. When everyone's burden on everyone is unwilling, the husband and wife enlighten each other, so that the two hearts can be tightly connected together.
    9. Never sleep in the quarrel should abide by sleep In principle, before going to bed, you should speak some sweet words of love.
    10. The space that is willing to give the other person's freedom. Everyone has the right to do what he is very willing to do.
    11. It doesn't matter if the mutual protection couples say anything in private, but in public, you two are in principle. Attack, another person has to help him or her.
    12. Trust is in front of others. Most of the couples play the same position, but there is no need to do this between husband and wife. It will receive more innocence and frank returns. This criterion is essential in the common life of husband and wife.
    13. Never monitor the other party for a long time ago. Follow the good persuasion, but do not monitor it. The other party even has the right to make mistakes.
    14. You should learn to compliment the other party to do this every day, say something to the other party, talk about his or her appearance, the other party's smile, talk about life with him or her, etc. If you vote for a peach, he (she) will report it.
    The rules that make the relationship between husband and wife permanent solid 2 1. Shopping with pet dogs
    It when animals get along, tension and preparation are the most relaxed. This is the best reason for your family. The messenger, pulling closer to each other's spiritual distance, throwing troubles out of the clouds. When watching the dog running, your conversation must be much more frequent than when playing the game in the room. Let go of work and worry, enjoy this simple moment without thoughts!
    2. Looking up at the starry sky, enjoy the current
    bubbles, sing K, nightclubs ... You must have seen it. The tedious feeling. While spending money, these entertainment projects also make people feel irritable, the same life is the same, and the once simple hope has disappeared.
    The warm memories of the time when you are late, when you are quiet at night, sit with him and look at the sky. Maybe the starry sky at this time was still not as clear and dazzling at that time, but it was not dyed, but aside from the quiet return of the green greenery, watching each other under the beautiful and majestic night sky, I believe that in addition to the stars in your eyes, it is each other.
    3. Meet the hikes, improve understanding
    to find a suitable time, and take a hiking trip with him. Getting rid of the daily life that is unchanged, this is a test for your relationship. Of course, it can also greatly improve the tacit understanding through a closer contact. When you put down the heavy pressure brought about by work and survival, and walking unrestrainedly on the road, you can understand each other more deeply than before.
    Caping and hiking the excitement can promote the sense of closeness and responsibility. In addition to allowing you to exercise, it also brings you a beautiful common memory.
    4. Horticultural labor, pure nature
    The horticultural is an interesting and effective activity. You can cooperate with him. Many places now provide people with their own self -employed labor environment. You can grow your favorite vegetables and fruits, flowers and other plants you want, care carefully as taking care of children, loose soil, sowing, weeding, watering ...
    At the moment of harvesting the fruits that are full of hard work, these hardships have disappeared. During the joint labor, in addition to exercising the ability to exercise, you can also concentrate on understanding the characteristics of the plant, which can also help enhance your cooperation tacit understanding.
    It is not difficult to find that the solidity of the relationship between husband and wife comes from the intention of each other in each life. As long as you spend more thoughts in the usual details of life, that is, there is not much difficulty, but you can add sweetness and fun in the bland life, and firm marriage. Why not? At the end of the article, I wish everyone a happy happiness and a harmonious family.

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