1 thought on “8 kinds of sleeping posture can see the relationship with the owner, your family's”

  1. 1. Curreal
    The dogs who sleep like this are usually gentle, friendly, and good -tempered. This sleeping position dog can naturally save body temperature and protect the limbs, facial, throat and all important organs. But they usually lack a sense of security and sensitive, so the owners need to care more to accompany them.

    2, lying on the ground
    This dogs with sleeping positions will be tight and difficult to relax completely, but don't worry, this does not mean that it is not enough in real life enough Relax, they are likely to be energetic and adventurous. In addition, such dogs are usually milder, a little shy and timid.

    3, under the table under the table
    This dogs like to sleep under the table, because our room is too high to many dogs, and the space above It will make people feel insecure. For dogs, the height of the desktop is just suitable for its sense of security, and it will feel more practical when sleeping under the table.

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