5 thoughts on “What kind of medicine should puppy get sick?”

  1. Remember: Cefbal anti -inflammatory drugs are the same as Amicilin, 3 times a day, feed after meals, just eat light diet, appropriately supplement energy and moisture, take good care of it. Don't throw it down.

  2. Um ... What is the doctor said? Just find the hospital ...
    If you are just a cold, you can eat
    R n can eat Xia Sangju granules on fire ...
    does not need to flush ... Sweet dogs will also eat it yourself ~

  3. The pet hospital is like that, and you need to pay a lot of medical expenses at a time. You want to see what he is ill to tell you what he has. If it is just a cold, in general, he does not need to take any medicine, he will be good. My dog ​​is like that. But if a cold is severe, you can give him some cold medicine for people, but the amount of medication should be relatively reduced. If it is a small dog, feed 1/4, if it is a medium -sized dog, it is 1/3, if it is a large dog, it will be half.

  4. Brother, your puppy's symptoms are relatively severe. You still have to go to the veterinary hospital. You can make it again if you use the money. Raising dogs is just a few chopped, and it will be fine.

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