5 thoughts on “What is the way to get pets in DNF?”

  1. There are four methods of pets.
    The first type: buy a box in the mall and open it. 100 boxes should be fine. The second: buy a festive set. Some festivals, such as the New Year set, containing pets. Third: Do task. At present, you can only get mini Goblin and Moonlight Horse. The fourth type: Grandma Olan picks up the task, and then go to the mall to buy props.

  2. Buying a wish box at the mall, but it is difficult to open, and the luck will be opened. If it is not good, it will be a few hundred dollars.

  3. Now there is a Tianfu God Pet Gift Pack
    You can buy the latest pet
    , but it is very expensive for more than 240 yuan
    and the blessing of Kai Lia n Randomly obtain
    It mainly depends on the character that can be opened to Golden Maoqiu
    black charcoal head
    憨 憨
    R n, but every good thing is small

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