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  1. Dog skin is cooked with alum and water. First remove the meat and greasy matter, feces, dirt, and blood on the dog skin, and put it flat on the wooden board with coarse sand cloth or brick to grind the root of the slightly coarse hair. Then use 500 grams of alum to add 5000 ml of water. After boiling, pour it into the pot. After cooling, completely immerse the dog skin and take it out for about 24 hours.
    mao is placed on the wooden board and opened tightly. After fixing with iron nails, 50 degrees of citrus nitrate, 250 grams of citrus nitrate, 250 ml of water, and 150 ml of water after boiling. When the cloth is stopped, the dog skin will be foamed after a little drying. After the dog skin is dry, it will be smoothed carefully with a fine sand cloth. At this time, the dog skin is grabbed into a group with your hands.
    The dog skin dry and anti -corrosion method
    The dry skin made from this method is called sweet dried skin or light dry skin. When it is naturally dry, the leather plate should be expanded on the seat or Nailing on the wooden board, the Mao faces down, placed in the place where the air flows, and it is wet or wet by rain or dew. The most suitable drying temperature for raw skin is 18-25 degrees, and the temperature should not be too high. Excessive high will evaporate the moisture too quickly and harden.
    will affect the evaporation of the internal water, cause uneven dryness of the skin, and cause the skin to rot. During the processing of water soaking, it is easy to cause layered phenomena. At the same time It makes it more difficult to machining water. This method is simple and easy to do, but it is not possible to dry, and it is easy to make raw skin stiff, break, decay, or suffer from insect pests.

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