5 thoughts on “What kind of dog is the whole body yellow?”

  1. It's golden retriever. Golden retriever is a well -known, powerful and lively dog ​​species. It is solid, and the cooperation of all parts of the body is reasonable. The legs are neither long nor clumsy. , Personal enthusiasm.
    pictures of golden retriever puppies, look like it is.

  2. This is a golden retriever skewers
    The skewers have the antiviral ability of pure breed dogs, and the skewers of dog plague can rely on their own resistance to resist the past. This is extremely rare among purebred dogs. of.
    The probability of a purebred dog is three times higher than the string. And almost every purebred dog has many genetic diseases.
    S strings are more loyal to the owner than purebred dogs. Do not underestimate a string. It has a lot of purebred dogs that are urgently wanted to get it. Treat it well.
    It you can send the dog pictures to the Boich community. You can find a lot of various mixed -race dogs
    The string is actually very good. The dog is good -looking) Topping your dogs well

  3. Golden Mao

    Golden retriever can also be called Labrador, because the earliest golden retriever was born from Labrador, it was a golden Labrador, and later mixed with other long -haired dogs. It's like this.

    The golden retriever (normal) is particularly smart, you can help pick up vegetables and get things

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