How can there be pet dogs in Chengdu in Sichuan?

How can there be pet dogs in Chengdu in Sichuan? There are many varieties, more pure species, large and medium -sized dogs? how to get to? Accurate address. Try not to go out of the city.
How to go, how many ways do you take?

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  1. Chengdu Sanlian Flower Bird Pet Market.
    It in the Xiping section of Chengluo Avenue, Xihe Town, Longquan, Chengdu, the direction of the Lingling is in the direction of the losses. Next to Chengluo Road, about 11 kilometers away from Shilingli. There are Jiufeng Auto Parts City and Southwest Food City nearby. At present, the largest poultry wholesale market in Chengdu is also there.
    The urban area can take 219 to Wuui Bridge, or transfer to 219. New South Gate to Luo Belt, where the shuttle bus is hungry.

  2. Qingshiqiao! It is located in the south of Yanshikou "Carrefour". It is recommended that the landlord go to Yanshikou and ask a merchant casually. There is the largest pet market in the city, and there should be something that the host wants.

  3. Shiling Pet Market, but moved to the Sanlian Pet Market on the 26th of this month. Can't be cheap, go to regular merchants in the market to buy.

  4. Shiling Pet Market
    First take a car in the urban area to Wuguiqiao Bus Station
    mo to the bus to Shiling Bus Station
    n, but you must drive it yourself
    The buses are not allowed to be on the dog.

  5. Where do I go to the Wuxin dog industry, I will be small the next day! Intersection I went to find him. He told me to add money to change one, but the third day was small and crown again ... It must be a sick dog who hit the serum! Intersection Be careful when buying ...
    So do not go to the one named Wuxin Inu industry! Intersection

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