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  1. The variety of common pet dogs
    M common pet dog varieties. In real life, many pets love dogs very much, because many dogs are not only cute in appearance, but also very obedient. Below below I will share with you the variety of common pet dogs.
    Mepatonal breeds of pet dogs 1. Big Bear dogs, also known as Barbine Dog (even the name is so cute ...) This kind of small dog in the Middle Ages was that noble pets were later reduced to a circus. clown.
    2. The Eskimo Dog: There are such cute dogs in "Nuke in the North". Not only is it cold -resistant but also heat -resistant. It is a affectionate partner dog. If you accompany you, you will feel very warm.
    3. Big white bear: Mild and clever. Strangely, although he is a large dog, he is even more confusing than a small dog.
    4. Chow Chow: Don't think that the fusion of the bears will be very good. They usually disappoint you because they don't like to make people tease.
    5. Husky Dog: The typical personality of the Husky dog ​​is friendly, gentle, alert and likes to communicate. It will not show the strong territorial possessiveness of the guard dog, it will not have too much doubt about strangers, nor will it attack other dogs.
    6. Border Shepherd: This is the world's first smart dog. IQ is equivalent to a 8 -year -old child. Basically, you can learn the smart dogs that you can learn by five instructions. The border shepherd is very friendly to friends and obviously retains strangers, friendly with children.
    He is still a kind of shepherd, he is willing to learn and satisfy it. And thrive in human friendship. It is suitable for living outdoors, and a lot of exercise is required. The border shepherd is not just the best pet dog and partner dog in life, but also a good home -to -home cadre dog in the family.
    7. Japan's silver fox: Japanese silver fox is very strange, very kind to children, but full of vigilance with adults, and they are not friendly to other animals. This kind of dog looks like Bomei and is similar to the face of a fox. It is a German hybrid dog (really complicated) in Japan

    8. Santa Bernard Dog: Native to Denmark. History. San Bernard is a large dog, with a very docile personality and easy to get close. It is loyal to the owner and likes to be with children. It is suitable for being accompanied by children. It is very tolerant of children. It is easy to train, good at life -saving, and can adapt to the cold climate.
    9. Samoyed: I don't know why so many people have raised Xiao Sa. I think the little Sa is not suitable for home care. He just likes free sports dogs.
    10. Pomeranian: Pomeranian has gorgeous quilts. Not only does it need to be trimmed regularly, but it must be sorted out every day, which is not suitable for busy people. But as a small dog, Bomei is still a good family partner.
    11. Sali Chinese dog: currently a relatively rare variety. I used to be a dog. Therefore, Saipi's personality is very active, and he will have the temperament of the king. Haha.
    12. Shiba Inu Japanese: Very lens. Shiba Inu has a high popularity in Japan and is a small dog. Personality is gentle and obedient, even dogs that girls like them.
    13. Butterfly puppies: butterfly dogs are very easy to get close, smart, happy, vigilant, friendly. The physical fitness looks stronger and likes outdoor sports. He is very exclusive to the owner and will be jealous of the third party.
    14. Su Mu: Su Mu is extremely wise, excellent, easy to be close, clever and sensitive, and has a good response to gentle obedience training, friendly, willing to please the owner, suitable for careful `children. Cheerful and lively personality and strong feelings. Without appropriate social experience, it may be shy or nervous.
    15. US card: Very moving, you have to give him active time often. Moreover, the cats on the ears are easy to knot like scalding, and they need to take care of them frequently.
    16. Mini Sherry: It is Germany again. Typical mini Sherry should be clever, lively, obedient, pilot, brave, obey commands. It is very friendly, smart, happy to please the director, strong, energetic, and credible.
    17. The Malzis dog: Malzis dog, a dog with a very docile character. Short -mouth VIPs (Teddy) are hybridized by Malzis dogs and poodles. You can rest assured to let it play with children. Usually healthy, until the late life is still angry. It can obey to make you dare not believe that he is a dog. The global richest dog with a $ 10 million is the Tymarzis dog. I imagine how much he likes. The ancient Romans also put it in their sleeves and took it out. It shares the same car and the same bed with the owner, and the amount of food is small. It is really a pleasant pet.
    18. Shih Shi Dog: The Shihuto is very similar to the Malta dog, but the hair in the middle of the forehead of the Shih Tzu is white and the tail is also white. Xi Shi dog likes to associate with others, has strong attachment and tolerance, confident, clever, loves children and animals, has a long life span, and can live for about 15 years.
    19. Ancient Mu: Gu Mu's character is gentle and smart, bold and sensitive to be friendly. When he grows up, he doesn't like running around, but he is more naughty when he was a child. Loyal and friendly to people. Excellent qualifications of leadership.
    20, King Charles: Also known as Knight Charlie. This dog is very legendary and has the name of a king. His personality is easy -going, lively and active, performs subtle for love, fun and fun, will not attack people, like a happy little angel.
    Mepatonal breed of pet dogs 2 Husky
    Husky has always been a well -known pet dog. People can't help but be handsome. Some people may not dare to raise because of the name of the "Demolition Office" of Husky. They are afraid that their homes will be "demolished" by the naughty Erha, but as long as they are raised and taught patiently, Husky is also very obedient.
    After all, Husky itself is a more docile dog, and one of the three famous sled dogs. In the process of getting along with people, Husky will always be very enthusiastic and be sincere. Don't look at Husky sometimes stupid, just when Erha and a wolf style!
    Labrador is very smart, IQ is ranked in the seventh of dogs Name, as a recovery dog, is always trained as guide dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, etc., which is of great help to human life. Labrador is very suitable for family breeding with children. They are born with loyalty, and they are lively and lively. Especially for children, they are very friendly. It can be said to be the most popular pet dog.
    Golden retriever retrieved dogs
    Many people like to raise golden retriever, because the character of golden retriever is very flattering, and it is easy to raise. Golden Mao's requirements for the owner are not high, and occasionally accompany it to play for a while, exercise regularly, and physical examinations.

    Akita dogs
    The people who have watched the movie "Loyal Dog Eight Gong" must be deeply impressed by Akita Dog. The film is adapted from a real story. , Even the urge to raise a Akita dog. However, unfortunately, the domestic Akita dogs are prohibited dogs. Akita dogs are brave and clever, but they are included in the ban on raising because of huge body shape.
    Samoyed has the title of "Smile Angel", because looking at them, I feel like smiling at you. Samoyed is smart and cute, and the white hair color looks noble and elegant. However, in terms of IQ, compared to Golden Mao, Labrado, etc., it is relatively inferior to training. It takes more patience to train.
    In various pet dogs, Shiba Inu is undoubtedly the role of Internet celebrity, and it is also a Japanese national treasure dog. It is a very good choice to raise Shiba Inu to look at the home guard. In ancient times, they were the superior hunting dogs.
    Kiki is one of the most popular small dogs. It is a smart dog that can be used to protect children. Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom has a soft spot for Corgi. In the Buckingham Palace, he even set up luxury homes for her pet Corki. The environment is better than many people!
    R n The border shepherd is the most strong learning ability. IQ ranks on the list of dogs. They have strong obedience and the owner. It can be said that anyone who gets along with Bian Mu will fall in love with this dog.
    Pome is very suitable for raising a family partner. Their unique hair looks beautiful and is very competitive in the competition dogs. However, if you raise it, you need to sort out the hairs on a regular basis, so people who are busy life should not choose Bomei.
    In VIP
    The poodle can be said to be the most raised small dogs. This kind of unique dog curling looks very cute. The poodles are always made into various shapes. Teddy is a name of many cosmetic styles of poodles.
    Mepatonal breeds of pet dogs 3 Play Dogs:
    P. Bumen, Bagu, poodles, butterfly dogs, Kyoto dogs, Chihuahua, Yingxia, Marzis dog, China Guanmao Dog, Charlie King
    Shepherd dogs:
    Australian shepherd dogs, border shepherd dogs, Belgian shepherd dogs, German shepherd dogs, ancient shepherd dogs, Scottish shepherd dogs, happy sheep dogs, Central Asia Shepherd
    Family dogs:
    The Damaicho Potal Dogs, French Bullonia, Rolling Bloger, Lingyu Dog, Japanese Shiba Inu, Chow Choi Dog, Saupu, British Bull Dog N Sports Dog :
    Phda Dogs, Golden Retriever Return Dogs, Kaka Dogs, Labrador Dogs

    Hunting dogs:
    Afghan hunting dogs, Big Du hunting dogs, Baggido hunting dogs, Baggi Witbiho, sausage dogs, blood -seeking dogs
    This dogs:
    Aust, Kellylan stalks, Luofu stalks, fox hunting stalks, mini Sherry , West Highland Sympae
    Propegrate working dog:
    Alaska sled dogs, standard Sirnari, Berneshan dogs, Dan Dog Dogs, Daberman, Husky, Giant Schuro, Cameng Dog , Rowa, Newfoundland Dogs, Boxer Dogs, Akita Dogs, Satsuma Dogs, St. Bernard Dogs
    Other Dogs:
    Bit dogs, Polly dogs, Beinton, Dugu, Gree dogs , Caucasus, Corgi, Caslo dogs, Japanese silver fox dogs, Skunge dogs, Tosa dogs, Schida dogs, Tibetan mastiffs, other dogs.

  2. The breeds of dogs are: Corgi, Golden Retriever, Chinese Rural Dog, Chow Chow.
    The court lion dogs, Shih Shi, Bagu dogs, Chinese Kunming dogs, Tibetan mastiff dogs, Chinese Shami dogs, Tibetan hunting dogs, Chinese fine dogs, Chihuahua dogs.
    P. Bomei, Yorkshire, Malzis, poodle, Payle, Bargain, British bullfighting dog, French bullfighting dog, Husky dog, Samoyed dog, Shiba Inu, border shepherd, etc.
    1, Samoyed, one of the most popular pet dogs on the earth, one of the top ten famous dogs in the world. Police, powerful, very lively, noble and elegant.
    Husky, Husky is also the first choice for pet dog species for most pets. It is a very primitive ancient dog breed and one of the top ten famous dogs in the world.
    Afug -in -hunting dogs. Scottish Shepherd, Scottish Shepherd is an ideal partner dog that is widely popular.
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