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  1. Because of the petite and cute body, the small dog has won the love of many newbies. So many people want to know what kind of small pet dogs are? The following is a carefully recommended small pet dog variety for you, I hope it will be helpful to you.

    M common small pet dog varieties 1. Chihuahua
    Chihuahua, also translated as Zhi Doll, Qi Doll, Qihuahua, which is the smallest of small dog species. The physical fitness and the petite body are widely loved by people.
    . Bomei Dog
    Pome is a compact, short -back, and active play dog. It is a type of German fox dog, native to Germany. He has a soft, thick bottom hair and thick wool. The tail roots are very high, and the tail with thick hair is placed on the back. He has a vigilant personality, smart expression, brisk behavior and curiosity.
    three, poodle
    also known as "lady dogs", which is very smart and like hunting dog species. It is speculated that the lady dog ​​originated in Germany, where it is known for hunting dogs in the water Essence However, for many years, it has been considered a French dog. The poodle is divided into three types: standard dogs, mini dogs, and toy dogs. The difference between them is that the size of the body is different.
    . Big Bear Dog
    Native to the Mediterranean region and is a small dog variety. They do not naturally remove hair, so hair needs to be organized. The color is generally white. It was originally called the Barbine dog, and the back -shrinking was a Bear. Suspecting is the descendants of the Babit dogs and water hunting dogs. It is a petite, strong white puff -type dog, with a cheerful personality, which can be reflected in the tail and curious eyes from its feathers.
    M common dog types of Chinese pastoral dogs, the most common soil dogs. Vitality is tenacious and easy to feed. Generally used for housekeeping.
    Haba dog, which is Jingba. It is petite and belongs to pet dogs.
    The poodle, Teddy is also a kind of poodle. The poodle is lively and smart.
    Barborn. It is also a small pet dog, mostly white. Fragile and very cute.
    Husky, Siberian sled dog.
    Alaska sled dog. It belongs to large dogs, with a stable personality and a variety of hair.
    Ome, a cute little dog, belongs to a German fox dog. The hair color is white, black and yellow.
    Labrador, large dogs. Personality is gentle and easy to get along with others, smarter, and is often used in working dog species. Such as guide dogs.
    The pet dogs suitable for home support [1] Putch. The poodle is also called "lady dog" or "rolling dog", with noble temperament and cleverness. The poodle is very easy to train and quiet and reliable. It is not only a suitable family partner dog, but also has a certain alert ability to help the housekeeper.
    [Two] Haba dog. Haba dog is the "Bagu dog", noble, elegant, kind -hearted, and gentle. Haba dogs are more able to eat, so pay attention to providing sufficient food during daily maintenance. Haba dog loves sports and should give a certain exercise time every day.
    [3] Husky. Husky is a Siberian snow pry dog. He has a variety of character, a group residence, and has a strong sense of territory. Husky's beautiful and cruel appearance is loved by many families, and it is lively and active. It is suitable for playing with family members without knowing tiredness. Husky's expression is rich and cute, and it is easy to make people happy.
    [Four] Chisha. Chihuahua is a small dog species, with agile movements, well -proportioned, petite and cute, and is loved by people. Chihuahua is full of energy, tough will, and likes to stick to people. Chihuahua is naturally afraid of cold and is not suitable for breeding outdoors. In winter, pay attention to keep warm.
    [Five] Shiba Inu. Shiba Inu, also known as the "jungle dog", has a sensitive sense of smell, strong guardian awareness, loyal personality, and obedience. It is a very good partner dog. Shiba Inu helps the owner to see the home nursing home, like barking, and the quiet family is not suitable for breeding.
    [6] Chinese pastoral dog. The Chinese pastoral dog is a Chinese breed, which is similar to the wolf and a docile personality. The Chinese field dogs are easy to raise and have high loyalty. They are the most common dog species for hunting or rural home care homes.

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