Where can I sell dog droplets in Taizhou? Fair

In addition to the flower and bird market near the Century Lianhua
It dogs are best furry, little cute

5 thoughts on “Where can I sell dog droplets in Taizhou? Fair”

  1. Go to the pet shop
    . Essence In addition to that flower and bird market, there seems to be not much ...
    has one on the East Road of Jichuan, and there is also one next to Wenfeng Qianjiahui ...

  2. Do you want it, a golden retriever I raise, because it is not convenient for moving to continue raising, you can contact if you need it.

  3. Many dogs are not purely planting now. Because they do n’t know the goods, they are easy to be deceived. When buying dogs, pay attention! Don't buy the dog people easily!

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