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  1. Those who like pets sometimes need to buy online. When we send pets to the field, we can find the car master to help transport. You can carry out air transport and find a professional courier company. Generally, when you send pets to the field, you must remember to obtain a quarantine certificate. In fact, it is necessary to do a multi -faceted treatment to express dogs to the field.
    01 If the distance is relatively close and the two cities are not too far, you can find a car master for transportation. Put your pets in a small cage in advance and close the pets. Put food and water inside. The car master sent animals to the destination. This method is very convenient, the price is not too expensive, and the transportation process is safe.
    02 can also be selected for small animals, which can consult the airlines about airlifting small animals. Some airlines need to book oxygen compartment 48 hours in advance, and they must consult in advance.
    03 There are currently some express companies for express delivery pets, and the cost will be relatively high. However, in the process of transportation, these pet courier companies will carefully take care of pets' food and drink, avoid pets from getting sick, and ensure the basic needs of pets.
    04 When applying for pet transportation, you must remember to apply for a quarantine certificate. Take a pet vacation certificate with a pet, and then go to the epidemic prevention and quarantine station to open a quarantine certificate. Some airlines also need to issue proof of non -epidemic areas. Before mailing animals, it is better to take a picture or video.

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