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  1. Lives can choose SF Express, but pets such as cats and dogs cannot be mailed. Living animals only include turtles, fish, shrimp, and crabs, and excluding national protection animals. If you want to transport pets, you can use private cars or pet transport vehicles or check in.
    Pet consignment process:
    1. After finding a favorite pet checked company, you must order 2 days in advance. Book air tickets with oxygen warehouses. Pets must be aerobic warehouses to consign dogs and cats.
    2. It is to prepare a aviation box. The air transport is generally strict. Cats and dogs only allow dedicated air boxes to consign, and do not accept cages other than air boxes.
    3. Go to the quarantine certificate. The quarantine certificate is to prove whether the pet is healthy. Generally, it can be done for 1-2 days. In some places, rabies antibodies are required, which may be slower. Generally, consignment companies are arranged, which is relatively time -saving.
    4, at least 3-4 hours in advance hand over the pet to the consignment company to go through the consignment procedures.
    The method of transporting pets:
    1. Pet transport vehicles
    It can be transported by pet transport vehicles, which can greatly reduce trouble. On the way, they have professional teams to take care of their pets. Worried about the health of pets will be affected.
    2. Private car
    If you are not at ease to store pets in a pet transport vehicle, you can put it directly in your own private car, provided that the pets should not be too large, and remember to put pets in the pets in the pets, and remember to put pets in the pets in the pets. The back seat should not be placed on the co -driver to avoid causing the owner to distract.
    3, aviation transportation
    is the fastest, but the cost is very high, and it also needs to go to the aircraft animal husbandry bureau at the airport where the quarantine certificate is available. There is no quarantine certificate and the airport refuses to transport.

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