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  1. Top ten small dogs suitable for home care:
    1. Biens
    are cheerful, lively and smart, brave, alert, rich in feelings, strong adaptability, strong personality, mild temperament, sensitive, and naughty. Natural optimism, pleasant, easy to satisfy, lively, and free. There is only one color of Bear dogs: white.
    2. poodle

    The character is lively, gentle, approachable, loyal to the owner, agile in action, high IQ, and strong learning ability. Based on the costumes: Teddy installation, standard installation. There are 5 colors of teddy dogs: white, black, gray, reddish brown, dark brown.
    3. Pomeranian

    also called fox dogs. It is vigilant, clever, sweet, charming, brisk, and curious. There are 5 colors of Pomeranian dogs: white, black, brown, orange, red.
    4. Yorkshine

    The body is petite, docile, charming, confident, highly alert, like coquettish, sticky, loyalty and affection, friendly, stubborn temper, good temper, good temper Movement, agility and lightness, sensitive hearing.
    5. French bullfighting dog

    is lively, clever, muscular, and vigilant. He is curious about new things, honest and honest personality, loyal owner, stubborn persistence, brave, and friendly to children.
    6. British bullfighting dog

    The appearance looks serious and terrible, but she has a kind temperament, gentle personality, kindness to people, loyal owners, bravery, and endurance.
    7. Chihua Dog

    The character is vigilant, determined, very clever, loyal, agile, lively, brave.
    8. Bagu dog

    The love owner, extremely sticky person, small exercise volume, excellent personality and very good love, suitable for breeding in the apartment, do not need to exercise frequently, and are widely loved.
    9. Beijing dog

    The varieties that Lafayettes of Cixi Old Buddha, also known as Jingba dogs or lion dogs. Loyalty, enthusiastic and friendly, smart alerts, strong performance, lively personality, smart and human nature, elegant and delicate temperament.
    10. Corgi Dog
    The pet dogs of the British royal family are friendly, brave and bold, neither timid nor murderer, gentle temperament, vigorous, easy to train.

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