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  1. If you are the first time to raise pets, you don't know how to choose pets. We can learn online if we choose a one of the pets before buying. Don't just say the following sentences casually, otherwise the possibility of being cheated by the boss is extremely high!
    1. How much is this?
    We when we buy pets, we must have confidence, even if we do not have to install a pair of chests, it is clear to the chest. Remember not to ask how much the dog is and how much the cat is.
    This is a taboo. This kind of behavior is telling the boss that I do n’t know about the market and price. If we are unfortunately encountered a bad merchant and bought it here, it is estimated that it is going to be pitted. In the price, we should do our homework before buying pets.
    2. Is this just a pure species?
    It if we ask this, we must risk a lot of risks. What we say is to tell the boss that I will not choose pets.
    The bad businesses will be cheated and sell them to us. Especially the kind of husband and wife, there is no after -sales at all! (Adoption, fostering, pet search, sending: pet adoption rescue station)
    3. Boss, is this healthy?
    This is not easy to say. When you ask this sentence, it is obvious that we are telling the boss, I don't know how to choose a healthy one, you recommend it to me.
    If when you encounter a regular conscience merchant, if not, the weekly dogs on the Internet, the cat, the cat, is likely to come to our heads. In fact, as long as we observe carefully, dogs and cats are unhealthy, and we can easily see it.
    4. This is I really like it!
    This words are also a taboo. When choosing pets, you cannot speak your preferences on the table. Even if you like this dog or cat, we can't show it.
    Otherwise, if you encounter bad businesses, we will be pursued, so that the merchant will take advantage of the upper hand, and I will take you.
    5. I won't choose, you can choose for me.
    The believe that I do n’t say it, you also know how harmful this sentence is. When we say this, it is equivalent to transferring the rights of choosing cats and dogs to merchants. The key is our right.
    It, especially the husband and wife shop, it operates its own profit and loss. They are eager to get out of their own impure and unhealthy pets.
    What to do?
    I personally do not recommend going to the husband and wife shop or the pet market to buy pets. It is really no guarantee, and most of them have not yet sold.
    1. We can directly adopt a newly born cat and dog.
    2. You can bring an expert who knows pets to help us choose.
    3. Buying pets is best to go to the chain store and good reputation, which is relatively safe.
    It anyway, we should not say the above words or not to say it easily. If you want to know more about buying dogs and cats, I will adopt and rescue stations at pets.

  2. I think when buying pet dogs, we must first pay attention to whether the pet dog is healthy, followed by the body of the pet dog and so on.

  3. Pay attention to the health of the dog. It is best to decide whether to buy it after the advanced medical examination. The second is to pay attention to whether the dog has a certificate to buy a more pure species.

  4. When buying a dog, first see if the dog is healthy: when you buy it, you should carefully observe the dog's body, and then touch whether the nose is ice and wet, whether the soles of the feet are soft and not dry, and see if you are not dry and dry. I am full of energy and lively. If you are weak, you do n’t choose to buy it; it is best to observe whether the dog's ears have secretions.

  5. I think when buying a pet dog, you need to check whether this pet dog has a healthy disease problem. Physical safety is the most important.

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