Where is the pet market in Chongqing? Will it flicker?

Where is the pet market in Chongqing? Will it flicker?

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  1. This kind of market love is novice. It is recommended that you go to the pet shop. However, you still have to learn more about the doorway inside before you go, so as not to go to be a bun, you will be deceived if you don't pay attention. Listening to my neighbor said that he bought a short silver gradient in Chongqing last year and spent 2,300 yuan. Later, he accidentally watched a video called: Chongqing low -cost buying pet tutorial. After he watched this video, he found that the silver gradient was actually only 950 yuan. It was wasted for 1350 yuan. Therefore, if you want to buy pets in Chongqing, you must watch this video, so as not like my neighbors, it is obviously only 950 yuan cat, but it costs 2300 yuan. It is a joke. Essence

  2. How to choose dogs in the pet market

    What are the issues that novices need to pay attention to when buying dogs? Many novices now want to raise a dog, and they are worried about buying bad varieties. Here are 7 aspects to observe dogs.

    1. The channel for buying dogs should be selected. Do not go to the irregular pet market and pet shops. To buy on the website, you need to have a qualification certificate. Therefore, it is a good way to choose a regular dog house to buy pet dogs.
    2, to check the dog's relatives. It depends not only on the dog's own situation, but also the quality of its parents and siblings.
    3, look at the dog's eyes. Whether there is a god, if there is no god, and there are eye shit or tear marks, it may indicate that the dog's physique is not good.

    4. Look at the dog's mouth and teeth. Healthy dog ​​gums are pink, and the dog's teeth are pale or bloody, indicating that there is a problem with the oral cavity, and the oral cavity with odor is not very good.
    5, look at the dog's anus and nose. The healthy dog's nose is wet, and if it is too dry, the dog's constitution is not good. The anus should be clean and not diluted. Observe the hair near the dog's anus.
    6. Observe the hair and ears of the dog. Healthy dog ​​hair has no foreign bodies and odors, rich in hair and shiny. If the hair is small and it is easy to dry and breaks, the constitution is not good. There is no earwax in the ears.

    7, look at the dog's bone and skeleton. High -quality dogs are rich in bone, and you can feel the dog's calves and paws. Generally, the abundant constitution of the skeleton will also be stronger. Too small constitutions have a certain effect.
    Before buying dogs, learn more about the standards of high -quality dogs and look at the market market.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello! There is one in Shapingba. Now I do n’t know that it ’s still there. If the pit people, there are no a few thousands of newcomers in these places. Just like my aunt gave me a little Teddy before. It took 2800 yuan to buy. As soon as I saw Teddy's appearance, she knew that she had bought a high -priced dog. I have watched a video before: Chongqing's low price buying tutorial. According to the content mentioned in the video. Teddy like this product is generally about 100 yuan. So I asked her to retreat Teddy to the merchant. Then according to the guidance of the video, I bought a 900 yuan teddy dog ​​again. This Teddy has a better appearance and saves 1,800 yuan. Therefore, do n’t know if you do n’t know, it is recommended to watch this video to avoid being pitted. I wish you successfully buy your favorite pet

  4. There are pet markets everywhere. Generally speaking, there will be no flickering, and then there will be that kind of receipt invoice.

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