Recently, I want to buy insurance for their dogs. Do you have a good insurance company to recommend it?

3 thoughts on “Recently, I want to buy insurance for their dogs. Do you have a good insurance company to recommend it?”

  1. I am particularly happy to help you answer this question, because you can pay attention to pet insurance, prove that you are a very insured insured, and you have a deep sense of responsibility for pets.
    Then let's take a look at pet insurance together.
    In statistics, as of the end of 2019, Chinese families have reached 99.15 million households. Pet cats and pet dogs have also exceeded the 100 billion mark.
    But small animals will also get sick, and now the pet medical team spends second only to food, and the consumer market share has reached a quarter.
    The increase of pet lovers, pet insurance emerges, and use insurance as a financial replenishment tool, can effectively alleviate the pet owner's economic burden.
    Pet insurance refers to the insurance premium for the insurance premium for the insurance of the insurance. Death, disability, illness, or the age and period of time and period of time to bear the responsibility of paying insurance money.
    Because pet insurance is also a niche insurance, here I have helped you to compile the common models on the market. You can choose your own best for your own needs according to your needs. These insurances are currently the mainstream products on the market:
    . Zhongan cooperates with Alipay. Its biggest advantage is that there are more than 7,000 designated pet hospitals in the country to choose from. It is currently the most underwriting products on the market. If we and our Xiao Meng pet live in secondary and fourth -fourth -line cities, we can consider this insurance. After all, there are more outlets. There must be a hospital near your home.
    . The safe pet insurance must be the king, but this insurance also has its limitations. For example, the designated hospitals are only Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other provincial capital cities. If it is Xiao Meng's pet in these cities, you can consider insured. After all, Ping An supports direct insurance in the designated pet hospital.
    . Pet medical treatment of sunlight is currently the lowest price on the market. It only costs 88 yuan a year, but his deductible amount is still a bit high 3,000 to start compensation. The right choice of the proper precious little cute pet. After all, this pet insurance is a high -end medical treatment of pet insurance. If you want your little cute pet to enjoy medical freedom, then this one.
    Is my answer is a little helpful to you, if you want to know more, you can leave a message to me

  2. Dogs belong to pets. There are generally two types of insurance for pets to buy. The first is pet medical insurance, the second is pet, the third party liability insurance.
    Pet medical insurance is currently recommended by the two products of Pacific and Ping An. You can ask them for the two products, which is relatively OK.
    The third party liability insurance for pets, it is recommended to be insurance

  3. I do n’t raise dogs, but I heard that Ping An's pet liability insurance is very good. I suggest you go to the Ping An Good Life APP to see this pet liability insurance. If you are insured, you can get a 50 % discount when you get it. pretty good.

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