1 thought on “What are the five necessary types of supplies when you go out with pet dogs”

  1. First, clothes: When traveling in summer, wear a pet sun hat for dogs and shade. For short -haired dogs, they can choose a thin and breathable small vest for them to prevent the sunburn sunburn skin.
    . Medical: During the journey, there will always be an accident. The owner must carry a standing medicine with him, such as gastrointestinal medicine, insect -proof medicine, etc., and pet sunscreen spray can be brought with conditions.
    . Food: Dogs are not suitable for human food. In order to allow dogs to adapt to the local soil and water as soon as possible, the weight and time of feeding dogs should be as peaceful as possible. In addition, don't forget to put on the puppy's favorite snack. When going out, there are always dogs that are not controlled. Two delicious snacks allow dogs to obey the command at all times.
    Fourth, residence: Today, many business hotels and even star hotels allow dogs to stay here. As long as your dog is not barking, it is not easy to fight, and its size is acceptable. However, due to the particularity of dog accommodation, this is a safe way to book hotels, allowing dogs to stay before departure. If you have no booking, you can go to a family hotel when you reach your destination. Dogs are generally allowed to stay.
    5. Luggage: During the trip, in addition to bringing aircraft boxes and traction ropes, you can consider giving the dog a pet backpack and let it "carry your own things". Portable kettle or folding water bowl, pet bath liquid and water absorption towel are essential equipment during travel.

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