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  1. Dogs vomit and diarrhea and still pull blood. What should I do? I think there may be some reasons for this symptom:

    01 Dog Small virus infectious disease

    First of all, if the dog is a puppies or just brought home home Soon the dogs have not been vaccinated completely. Then the possibility of small virus infectious diseases in dogs is extremely high, and the most reliable way to diagnose this disease is to detect the CPV reagent board. If two bars occur, you can be diagnosed as a small virus infectious disease.

    The incidence of this disease is relatively high. If the dog is infected with small viruses, the following symptoms will occur:

    There is no appetite at all, and no response to the external stimulus)
    This dogs began to appear diluted, vomiting (feces have a very heavy smell)
    The body weakness, soft
    Then start pulling blood, tomato -like feces (spray -like)
    from mild dehydration to severe dehydration, eyeballs, weight loss, ribs protruding
    n ······························· ...

    The cure rate is still relatively high, which can be as high as 85%. First of all, you need to go to the pet hospital for timely effort, symptomatic treatment, spitting, bleeding, and improving the body's resistance. If the electrolyte is not supplemented in time, the dog is likely to die because of excessive dehydration.

    Plash disease

    The symptoms caused by general parasites will not be so violent, but this is not ruled out. It can be judged by the feces mirror inspection. If the dog has symptoms such as pulling blood, vomiting and diarrhea, it is suspected to be infected by the corms. The corms can cause the dog to have blood stools with blood. However, I think the first situation is the most likely.

    It also causes the above symptoms due to gastrointestinal disease, dog Babes infection, etc., but it still needs to be diagnosed to confirm the diagnosis.

  2. It is best not to feed the dog bones or hard food for the dogs. It is a matter of justified the dog to eat bones. In fact, the gastrointestinal tract of the dog is more sensitive and fragile. Esophageal obstruction, poor digestive tract, constipation, etc. In addition, it is easy to scratch gastrointestinal mucosa to destroy bleeding, and even take blood. It is recommended to feed the dogs with cooked meat, remove bones, and use some gastrointestinal treasures. Promote absorption and digestion, help discharge

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am honored to answer this question. In this case, there are generally several cases. 1. Dogs are too large that dogs will be as stressful as humans. And with the excretion of stool, this is called stress stress colitis.n2. Dogs have intestinal parasites Dogs may lurk various parasites. If the owner is repeatedly repeatedly repeatedly repeatedly deworming, the dog's intestine may have intestinal parasites such as hookworms and Jiadi whip caterpillars. Once the parasitic is ingested from the intestinal wall or stimulated to the intestinal wall, it usually causes diarrhea and bleeding. 3. Bacterial viruses such as Salmonella, E. coli, and small virus, these bacterial viruses will infect the dog's intestines, causing diarrhea bleeding. The owner must not only vaccinate the dog on time, take it regularly to the physical examination, but also the usual food must be washed and cooked.n4. Trauma If your dog has recently undergone surgery of digestive tract, or its digestive tract is traumatized in a certain accident, then these may cause diarrhea bleeding. 5. Various inflammatory inflammation of intestinal inflammation or ulcers and intestinal ulcers can cause dog diarrhea and bleeding. 6. Dogs poisoning many toxic foods, plants and chemicals that are poisonous to dogs can cause the dog's digestive tunnel function abnormality, which causes diarrhea bleeding.nYou can go to the pet hospital for symptomatic treatment in several cases. I hope my answer can help you!nMore 2nBleak

  4. Dogs eat red foods such as foreign matter, or tomato pepper, acute enteritis caused by food, gastrointestinal damage caused by gastrointestinal damage caused by gastrointestinal damage caused by vomiting. If the dog's spirit and appetite, and the stool are normal, you can use gastrointestinal treasure to adjust the gastrointestinal tract, which can be used for vomiting and diarrhea. Can protect the stomach. When the dog's diarrhea is more severe, try to let it be empty, or feed less digestible food to avoid aggravating the burden on the stomach! In addition, after the dog's diarrhea is recovered, it is best to have a dung test to check the ball bugs. If the ball is infected, it will cause diarrhea to stool with blood. If it does not improve, you should send the dog to the hospital as soon as possible.

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