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  1. The poodle (details)

    When a dog has diarrhea, when the stool is liquid and accompanied by a bad odor, the dog is likely to have gastroenteritis, dogs The intestine contains a large amount of irritating corruption substances, which needs to help dogs to eliminate toxins. After the squeezed substances in the intestine are excluded, the stool will not be stinky. But as long as it is treated in time, the dog can still be cured for a year or two!
    1. Fasting for 1-2 days, and you need to follow the doctor's instructions to take the fluid and antibacterial anti-inflammatory drug.
    2. If enteritis caused by parasites, insect repellent is needed.
    . Smoiling and antidiarrheal, the dog's intestine contains a large amount of irritating corruption substances, which needs to help the dog to eliminate toxins in vitro. After the squeezed substances in the intestine are excluded, the stool will not be stinky.
    4. You need to pay attention to replenishing the dog.
    Stheroons can be completely cured by chronic enteritis, but the treatment time is long, and it is generally necessary to continue treatment for 2-3 months. So parents should not give up their dogs, they must insist on treatment until the dog recovers.

  2. Gastroenteritis does not know what it is, how does your own dog suffer from gastroenteritis? What should I do now? How should the treatment of dog gastroenteritis be done!
    First, according to the dog's stool analysis, the dilute can be water -like, or paste, mucus with blood, and stool. When there are bacteria or virus infections, there may be higher body temperature. Gastritis often occurs in acute enteritis, so vomiting and diarrhea occur. The sick dog is severely dehydrated and depressed. So not all dogs are diluted, they are because of the virus. They need to eat antibiotics. Generally, dilute, indigestion, medium mild gastroenteritis, can be fed to the flora of gastrointestinal gastrointestinal, using killing harmful bacteria to kill harmful bacteria , Promote the health of dogs and stomach. What should I do if a dog has gastroenteritis? How to treat dog gastroenteritis
    Step 2 and at this stage, it is forbidden to eat milk, meat, dog food, otherwise diarrhea is more serious, you can give the dogs to eat some water, you must do it! Many owners are difficult to do. They are afraid that their dogs are hungry. In the later stage of the onset (recovery period), while drinking water without limit, giving some nutritious, easy -to -digest and absorbing foods, it is best to give special veterinary prescription foods, such as MAG Jinwei, contain preparation formulas, paired with Gao Deng, Eat probiotics, 1-3 tablets a day. What should I do if a dog has gastroenteritis? How to treat dog gastroenteritis
    The third step, the gastroenteritis caused by virality, this should be noted. When the dog's gastrointestinal and intestines are swollen, it can be discharged by vomiting or laxatives. To clean up the intestines, combine oral antibiotics to prevent further fermentation and corruption, and oral antibiotics to prevent further fermentation and corruption. If antibacterial, convergence, and anti -inflammatory are needed, antibiotics need to be injected into the dog's muscles or veins to control bacterial infections. Oral or enema with tannic acid, 0.1 % potassium permanganate solution, etc. directly converge and clean the gastrointestinal tract. Dogs have gastroenteritis, but it is a crime. It is best not to suffer from gastroenteritis in your own dogs. Following the suffering, it is better to do early prevention!

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dogs with gastrointestinal discomfort will have vomiting. The vomit is foam -like mucus and gastric juice. Depending on the nature of the lesion, vomit is mixed with blood, bile and mucosal fragment. There will also be symptoms such as mild abdominal pain, lying in cold and dark, tight abdomen, mild yellow and white tongue coating, rapid dehydration of the body, yellowing of urine color, diarrhea or constipation. If you find that the dog has the above symptoms, you can start with medical treatment and diet conditioning. In the early stage of gastroenteritis, it is generally recommended to fast forbidden water. You can first observe some warm water and probiotics to adjust the gastrointestinal tract. If the symptoms have not been relieved, according to the symptoms, spitting and pulling, if possible, infusion treatment is recommended, and the ion and acid -base balance can be corrected.nI asked it a few times today to go to the hospital doctor and said that it was an intestinal injury and an anti -inflammatory needle. Now what is the spiritual?nAnswer you can buy a few boxes of gastrointestinal treasures at the pet hospital. With injections, it can treat and prevent all kinds of gastrointestinal discomfort caused by bacteria and intestinal dysfunction. Constipation, odor, bad breath, acute chronic enteritis, etc. have very good effects.nAsk him if he is in a bad state, is it normal?nJust answer for two daysn3 morenBleak

  4. First of all, it is necessary to confirm what the dog gastroenteritis is caused by:n1. Primary gastroenteritis is mainly due to improper breeding, hunger and fullness, food corruption, or difficulty in digestion, and unwavering drugs and irritating drugs. This lesion is more common in dogs that eat the internal organs, bones, and meat of animals.n2、继发性肠胃炎是指在某些传染病(如犬瘟热、冠状病毒病、犬细小病毒)及寄生虫病(如钩虫病、球虫病、鞭虫病、小袋虫病、 Gastitis caused during the course of Toxoplasma).nTreatment of dog gastroenteritisn1. Strengthening nursing is the key: dogs need to be placed in places with appropriate temperature; after vomiting can be relieved, it is properly fed to sugar and salt water; warm application of the abdomen; feeding more irritating foods, such as liquid food.n2. Clean up the gastrointestinal: For dogs who are full of bloating and diluted stomach, they should fast, and if necessary, use vegetable oil and other laxatives to clear the intestines.n3. Calm and abolition: Vomiting will increase the damage to the dog's stomach, and it will cause the dog to dehydrate and cause other series of complications. For those with severe vomiting, antivit drugs need to be given.n4, anti -inflammatory and anti -diarrhea are important: by injection of anti -inflammatory drugs, or oral anti -laxatives, symptomatic treatment.nBoth Simiidine and Amka Star are medicated. It is not recommended to use, but if the dog's condition is particularly bad and urgent, you can feed a small amount. You must pay attention to the amount. If you have the conditions, it is best to use animal medicine.

  5. Your dog should not be gastroenteritis, but a small virus of the dog. The symptoms of the disease are:
    The latent period of the disease 7-14 days, mostly occur after just changed the environment (such as the newly bought puppies). Most of the disease shows enteritis syndrome, and a few present myocarditis syndrome.
    The enteritis disease dogs are gloomy, anorexia, occasional fever, soft stools or mild vomiting, and then developed into frequent vomiting and severe diarrhea. At first, the feces were gray, yellow or milky white, and jelly -like mucus, and then discharged stench soy sauce or tomato juice -like blood. The sick dog is quickly dehydrated, thinner, the eye sockets are deep, the hair is messy, the skin is not elastic, the ears and nose, the limbs are cold, the spirit is high, shock, death. It is generally not more than 2 days from the symptoms of the first disease to the severe symptoms, and the whole course generally does not exceed one week.
    The can not eat any food now. If you don't get an injection, it will definitely not cure, but the injection may not be cured. You have to prepare for spending money.

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