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  1. When you encounter a stray dog ​​but do not know how to deal with it, you can send the stray dog ​​to the stray animal rescue center, where the dog will get the deserved care and treatment. You can also use the adoption information on the same city to adopt adoption information and other methods for dogs. Dogs are looking for more suitable masters, and it is best to ask professional veterinarians to conduct sterilizers on stray dogs under the condition of being rich in economical.
    1. Send rescue center
    At present, most cities will open rescue centers for stray animals. There, stray dogs can get sufficient food and drinking water, and dogs that are injured and sick can also be treated well. At the same time, the rescue center will regularly issue adoption announcements so that dogs can find their own homes. However, a few rescue stations will be euthanized to some dogs that cannot be adopted.
    2. Finding the adopter
    When it is inconvenient to send the dog to the rescue station, you can also publish pet adoption news on the same city adoption APP to help the dog find the master who is suitable for you. However, this adoption is best paid. At the same time, it is regularly adopted to visit people to visit or ask for dog photos and videos to prevent dogs from being tortured in the hands of dog traffickers or criminals.
    3. Sterilizer
    This dogs do not know how to have family planning. Therefore, there are often bad behaviors such as excessive reproduction or even recent mating. Therefore, in the case of rich economy, it is best to perform sterilization surgery for stray dogs, and some large pet rescue agencies even sterilize dogs for free.

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