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  1. [Understand stray dogs]
    The stray dogs, also known as stray dogs, or wild dogs, abandoned dogs, refer to pet dogs without lords. Common reasons include the owner deliberately abandon, lost or wild. Wandering dogs are human, like people, with rich feelings.

    [Reasons for formation]
    The stray dog ​​is abandoned by the owner. Common reasons include dogs with disorderly bite and random running. , Poor economic situation, family opposition ... and so on. In overseas regions such as Europe and the United States, in resort or hunting areas, there are often pet dogs or hunting dogs that are abandoned only in one season. These stray dogs may attack residents or tourists around the local area (most of them are tourists in the vacation area). ,
    The stray dog ​​cub
    The social problems. Sometimes because of the influence of movies, television, or other communication media, a specific variety of dogs are only popular among the people, and many people want to raise the breed dog, but as the media and the people are in the media and the public The moderate fever, the dogs that were raised for popularity at the beginning were easily abandoned by the owner. In addition, if the originally raised pet dogs did not take contraception measures such as ligation, when the dogs were pregnant with too many puppies, the owners who were weak or had no willingness to raise them could not be given to others by normal pipelines, and they might be possible to give others, and they might be possible. Abandoning these puppies causes the problem of stray dogs and may also destroy the balance of ecology. Relevant units such as the government want to let the owners understand the responsibility of raising animals and the correct concept of pet contraceptives to reduce the behavior of abandoned pets.

    This dogs, including loose dogs, often have the danger of bite or other pets and poultry and livestock, which will cause other animals to be injured and even die. In the city, the stray dog ​​suddenly running to the highway will make the car driver suddenly turn to it, which may cause traffic accidents, cause injuries and even death. As the city becomes more and more crowded, such dangers have increased.
    In addition, dogs are still the hosts that are infected with or their pets. The most well -known is rabies. According to WHO's statistics, dogs are the main hosts and communicationrs of rabies, causing more than 55,000 people each year, 95%of which occur in Asia and Africa, and 40%of the victims are children under 15 years old. Data surveys from human rabies epidemiological survey from China also show that 91%of the 711 cases observed in domestic rabies high hair are attacked by dogs.

    [Solution for stray dogs]
    This to contain the shelter, and after a period of time, no one will adopt humanitarian destruction. Capture, sterilization, release (TNR). Prison pet partners plan to hunt the world for huntering in the world. Most of them are captured and culled. For example, the Chinese dog playing team, Japan opens hunting wild dogs to avoid the rest of the endangered biological groups. Some people think that this method cannot fundamentally solve the problem of stray dogs. Due to the rapid breeding of dogs, dogs can have two babies a year and 8 babies. Some countries are in the concept of legislative (animal protection law) and educating the people, ligation a large number of family dogs, and reducing abandonment rates. In addition, a few countries in the world have begun to use TNR to deal with stray dogs. There are still many controversy in Taiwan.

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