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  1. Large dog varieties include Great Dan Dogs, Berne Mountain Dogs, Bull Fighting Mastiff, Newfoundland Dog, Lingti Dog.
    1, Dan Dog,
    Dan Dog is the largest dog in the world. Although it is huge, it is friendly. The favorite thing is social. They are a dog that can get along well with cats, so everyone knows how gentle they are.
    2, Berne Mountain Dog,
    Although they are huge, they have long -term experience of getting along with sheep and humans, so they are actually very gentle and friendly. The only problem may be that they are too heavy and strong. Sometimes strength becomes an obstacle to their friends.
    3, bulling mastiff,
    is aggressive, however, this aggressiveness is for strangers. They are very gentle to family and friends and are due to their due diligence. Moreover, they are sometimes lazy and can live in the city's apartments.
    4, Newfoundland dogs,
    The ancestors of their ancestors were doing water rescue in Canada. Their huge body was to better help humans, not to attack humans. So we can use them with peace of mind as a cute family partner dog.
    5, Lingti dogs,
    Lingti dogs are actually running champions among dogs. They are good at racing and hunting animals. In daily life, because there is no way to run at high speed, they will spend more time on the sofa instead of outdoor. They are very docile, as long as they do not see small animals who will run quickly.

  2. IQ is relatively high, can be bought, and dogs who are close to humans
    Labrador dogs
    golden hair n R n. Variety: Mild temperament, smart and obedient, easy to train, lively and active, loyal owner, obedience command
    The distinction between Labrador dogs and golden retriers
    and Lara are like lively wild children,
    The innocence but less root.
    2. Golden retamation is premature, and Lala is relatively late.
    3. Golden Mao's walking is more heroic, the handsomeness of the male, the mother's temperament. Lara will always be a fool of walking,
    silly. It's right.
    4. The self -personality of golden retriever is relatively obvious,
    Thera is high.
    5. Golden retriever seems to be more delicate,
    la Lara is more careless,
    often seeing Lala outside always finds golden wool to play,
    . But Lara may move more and more rudely, the golden retriever is unhappy and frightened by the murder-that is the rough line of Lala.
    6. Golden retriever is more lazy,
    It may be tired after playing half an hour,
    The is often playing until I am tired and I do n’t know to rest.
    7. The golden retriever and Lala will be the same as hairy.
    . The golden hair is rolled into a roll of hair balls.
    8. The golden wool's hair is very beautiful,
    is very troublesome. This is very good to finish. But of course there will be no flowing hair.
    9. As long as there are good interaction,
    The golden retriever and Lala are well trained,
    are very smart.

  3. Large dog weight: 40 to 90
    White bear, San Bernard
    Alaska sled dog
    Siplan shepherd dogs
    , Belgian shepherd,
    German shepherds Dog
    , Rowa, long hair wolf,
    Tibetan mastiff n
    Labrado n good, docile personality , Smart, IQ ranking 5th, high obedience, and not barking much, breeding in the building will not disturb the people. But large dogs can eat, especially before 1 year old, they can eat and pull. But if the economic conditions are good and have time to slip, these are not a problem! Then Labrador must not let it be
    up and down the stairs
    , you want to hold it, because it is not good for the spine! I have golden retriever, and I am a "close relative" with Labrado. It weighs 40 pounds in 5 months. If you think about holding it on the 7th floor on the 7th floor ... If I am not at home,
    . My girlfriend
    did not take it out, rather
    at home
    , because she can't hold it ...
    overall In terms of, Labrador is good, which is very suitable for breeding in urban residential buildings. Your city is allowed to grow large dogs. Otherwise,
    The dog team
    will catch it and let you take money back ....
    and your friends on the first floor, you have made a mistake, Labrador has no Husky yet Husky Mao Chang, what you said should be golden retriever ... and how can Husky's character be the same as Labrador (or golden retriever)? Although Husky looks handsome, I will never raise it, because it is too naughty! I went downstairs to buy a box of cigarettes and did not turn it off.
    , as a result, he could bite all the wires it got enough at home, bite the hand paper one by one, and bite the newspaper into pieces one by one. ...... I pour the urine in the leather shoes ~~~~~ I take a bath, and I put on my bed
    . Pull the quilt on the quilt. Hold the entire bed cover, and then sit on
    on the bed
    shaking the tail ...

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  5. Big White Bear, San Bernard, Scottish Shepherd, etc.
    alias, Billy Niushan Dog. Its history can be traced back to the ancient Roman period and is brought to Spain by the ancient Romans. At the Billy Nius Mountains at the junction of France and Spain, this variety has been well reproduced and developed. It is a beautiful and very smart dog. The guard sentinel who was sent as the fortress to protect the flocks from being infringed from the beasts. Sometimes they work alone for a few days. Out of the appreciation of its work ability and beautiful appearance, this variety has been cultivated and raised for several centuries for purebred, and even in the Palace of Louis XVI in France as an official royal dog. In the 1930s, the big white bear across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States. Since then, this excellent variety, whether it is a working dog or a pet dog, is becoming more and more popular with people. The impression of the big white bear is very elegant, beautiful, and integrates huge body shape and majestic temperament. It always looks solid and coordinated, which clearly reflects the purpose of cultivating this variety: under various climate conditions, guarding the sheep on the steep slope of Mount Billy.
    St. Bernard dogs can be said to be a representative of large dogs. It is a Swiss native to see the dog. Since 1700 years, it has formed an independent type in Santa Bernard Temple in Switzerland. The San Bernard dog was the descendant of the Alps mastiff brought by the Roman army in Switzerland. San Bernardo was once a short -haired and aggressive variety. It was essentially destroyed during a certain period, but it may be rejuvenated by the use of the blood of Newfoundland and Dandan dogs.
    Serieved shepherd is a flexible, strong, positive, and lively variety, which means that he has no value. When he stands naturally, he is neat and solid. Deep and moderate -wide breasts show strength, tilted scapula and moderate bending flying joints show speed and elegance, and the face shows very high IQ. The impressive impression of the Scottish Shepherd is the incarnation of confidence and representing true harmony. Each part constitutes a perfect and harmonious ratio with other parts and overall. In addition to the technical details described in this standard, breeders and referees can also judge the advantages and disadvantages of Scottish Shepherds. In fact, this is very simple. It's right. Good temperament, easy to get close, and abundant outdoor or dynamic. Rich feelings for the owner and alert to strangers. This dog is good at social, and usually does not show the weakness or aggressive side at all. The shepherd has an expression of ears. When resting, the ears are straightened, and the ears will be semi -upright when they are alert. The hearing is sensitive, and the sound of half kilometers can be heard, which is very loyal to the owner.

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