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  1. 1. Corgi
    Corgi is a small dog, but it is very stable. There is no neurotic quality of ordinary small dogs at all. It is a guardian dog that is very suitable for children. They are very courageous, and they are also quite alert. They can highly guard their homes. They are one of the most popular small guard dogs.
    2, golden retriever
    Golden retriever is one of the most common home dogs. It is easy to raise, has patience and does not require much requirements. As long as it exercises regularly, food and veterinary medical examinations are enough. It belongs to a well -proportioned, powerful, and lively dog ​​species. It is characterized by solidity and reasonable cooperation with the body. The legs are neither long nor clumsy. They are friendly, passionate, pilot, confident and not afraid of life.
    Golden retriever is the earliest recovery of hunting dogs, and most of them are now used as guide dogs and pet dogs. It is very friendly to children or babies. In addition, the golden retriever is very smart, and is the fourth place in the world's dog IQ.
    3, the tea cup dog
    The appearance of the tea cup dog is a dog, and the cry is also a dog scream, but its body shape is much worse than the normal dog. The shape is small and cute, and is loved by people. However, the formation of the tea cup dog is very painful, so don't raise it if you can keep it.
    4, Chihuahua
    As the smallest dog in the world, Chihuawa not only has all the qualities of the ideal played dog, but also understands it. And other outdoor activities.
    The kishal machine is sensitive, loyal and wise. It always loves the focus of people's attention, and is often intoxicated by the owner's intimacy and caressing. It is small and exquisite, with low demand for activities and is very suitable for domestication.
    5, Pomeranian
    The tail to the back to the back, the fur will take three years to grow, the colors are white, red, orange, gray, and black; although the body shape is small, it is an excellent alert dog It is a faithful and gentle partner.

  2. World dogs can be divided into: super small dogs; small dogs; medium dogs; large dogs; super large dogs. Super small dog: The smallest dog. It refers to dogs with a weight of no more than four kilograms from growing to adulthood and less than 25 cm. The body is small and exquisite, and is particularly loved by people. It is a treasure of playing dogs. Also known as "sleeve dogs", "pocket dogs", etc. ... Super small dogs are: Chihuahua, Lhasa Lion Dog, French toy poodle, Pomeranian, sausage dogs, Malta dogs, etc. Small dogs: refers to the weight of no more than 10 in adulthood Kgs, dogs with a height of less than 40 cm.
    The small dog shapes are suitable for small dogs: Beijing Lion Dog, Shi Shi Dog, Habao Dog, Guanmao Dog, Tibetan Lion Dog, Little Manchester Dog, Fox Hunting Dog, Wells Corki Dog, Card Dog, grid, grid, grid, grid, grid, grid, grid, grid, grid, grid Dogs and other ... medium-sized dogs: It refers to dog breeds with a weight of 11-30 kg in adulthood and 41-60 cm tall. The medium -sized dog has a lively nature of this dog. It has a curly body hair like sheep. It loves the largest favorite, has a wide range of activities, brave and good fighting, and is usually used for hunting.
    This chain is usually tied or closed. This type of dog is widely distributed, the largest number, and the most role in humanity. Mid -size dogs are: Shami dogs, chopsticks, Kunming dogs, Chaoshan dogs, etc.; Bull fights, Jia Fei dogs, Berry dogs, Billy cowes shepherd dogs, fisting dogs, Weimarana dogs, blood hunting dogs, hunter, Boeing Dogs, etc. ... Large dogs: It refers to dogs that weigh 30-40 kg in adulthood and are 60-70 cm tall.
    The large dog body is burly, not easy to tame, and is brave. Often used as military dogs and police dogs. They have deep friendship with humans and loyal to the owner. The breeding requirements of large dogs are very high, which is in the country, especially the military police dogs. Due to strict selection, high elimination rate, and expensive price, general departments are generally breeding. It is difficult to promote in ordinary families. Large dogs are: Japanese Akita Dog, British Blood Hunter, Bull Fighting Dog.

    Old British Shepherd. German Rowing Dog, Du Bowen Police Dog, Giant Shi Ji Chati, Alaska Snow Dogs, Damaicho Dogs, etc. ... Super Dogs: It refers to dog species weighing above 41 kg and above 71 cm. Is the biggest dog. Small quantity. Mostly used to work or serve in the army. Great Dan Dog, Big White Bear, Santa Bernard, Newfoundland, etc.
    Wang Xingren is very cute, please adopt ~

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  4. Husky, Labrado, etc.
    Husky, Siberian sled is a dog breed raised by the Siberian nomadic nomadic ethnic Eutejok. He has always served as a sled, guiding the reindeer and guarding. Moreover, it can work in Siberia's harsh environment. Siberian sled dogs have grown alone in the Siberian region for centuries. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was brought to the United States by a fur merchant. In a blink of an eye, this dog became the champion of the world -famous sled competition. Today, the dog is loved by good partner dogs. Labrador. Labrador Hound is a medium and large dog, with a mild personality, lively personality, high IQ, and very friendly to people. It is very suitable for dog breeds that are selected as guide dogs or other working dogs. There are three major offensive dogs in the three major offensive dogs in the Golden Retriever), and Labrador IQ is ranked seventh in the world dogs.
    The dog is called the most loyal friend of human beings. It is the pet with the highest breeding rate. Its life expectancy is about 12 to 18 years. In Chinese culture, dogs are one of the zodiac signs and 11th among the zodiac signs.

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