4 thoughts on “Is pet dog meat delicious?”

  1. Now a pet dog, there are thousands of dollars, some tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of millions, I want to ask, even if you can eat what you eat, if you say I have money, After eating, I think it can be eaten, which is your freedom. But if it is a pet dog that steals others, it is not possible to eat it, because it is a criminal matter and it is theft. Therefore, strengthening dog meat quarantine and vigorously developing meat dog breeding. The legal development of the dog meat industry is the positive way to ensure the health of dog meat and sustainable development. It is impossible to eat pet dogs. Those little guys do not have much meat on their bodies and may not be delicious.

  2. Dog meat, the meat of the dog, refers to the edible part obtained from the dog. Taking dogs as a common phenomenon in the history of countries around the world. At present, in the mainstream values, dogs are mainly partner animals and a member of the family. Eating dog meat has always been criticized by dog ​​lovers and animal protectors, which is quite controversial.
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