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    The is no stranger to human beings, because dogs and humans have been with each other for thousands of years. You see the dogs now, even in big cities, are a very common pet.

    has to say that the relationship between dogs and humans is getting deeper and deeper, and more and more emotional implications are. With the popularity of pets, there are more and more types of pets. For example, there are many varieties. In the face of so many varieties, many newcomers do not know how to choose. Today, let's talk about what kind of dogs are more suitable for raising a dog in the countryside?
    The first type: Chinese pastoral dog
    We all know that the role of dogs is different than that of rural areas. In the city, the dog is basically the playmate of the shoveling officer and the friend of the owner. When you are boring, you can play with the dog together. In rural areas, a large part of the dog raising dogs is to keep the family, and the rural dogs are more suitable for living in the countryside, because the rural dog itself has the attributes of watching the nursing home. The countryside will not be as good as the public order in the city, and it will be a bit messy, so the ability of the rural dog's housekeeping is particularly important! And under the premise of limited dog orders, many places are listed as prohibited dog breeds. If you do not apply for a dog certificate for the rural dog, once you are reported, the cute dog may be taken away.
    The second type: border shepherd
    The border shepherd has a strong shepherd instinct, naturally heavy cherry blossoms, good at observing, can accurately understand the owner's instructions, can drive the sheep to move or rotate with the eyes of the eyes. Essence Most people in the countryside have small animals, so they need such a shepherd, which can help take care of the chickens, ducks, goose cows, horses and sheep. In addition, Bian Mu is called a "flying dog". If you live in the city as a pet dog, it is obviously too embarrassed. Bian Mu has a lively personality and has a great demand for exercise. It is suitable for living in a large space, so as to satisfy their nature and preferences, so it is more suitable for their lives than cities.
    The third type: German Mu
    Themine shepherds, known as German Mu, are a large dog from Germany. The appearance is prestigious. People's love. German Mu's body is relatively well -proportioned, strong and muscular, and the erected ears make it look very energetic. In addition, it can scare the bad guy away. In addition, German Mu's loyalty is high and protects the Lord. When the owner is in trouble, he will also protect the Lord heroically and can act as a "guard". German Mu is a bay that many cities are prohibited, so instead of restricting their natural breeding in the city, they are more than better to bring them back to the countryside to live, freely, and in line with their nature and instinct.

  2. The more suitable dogs for raising in rural areas are: Chinese pastoral dogs, German shepherd dogs, Labrador dogs, golden retriever, Du Gao, Tibetan mastiff.

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