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  1. 1. Chinese pastoral dog: Everyone may think that it is the native dog at home. In fact, it is still slightly more advanced than the native dog. It is docile and more obedient, and it is easy to tame. The size of this dog is generally not very large. Like some people with less courage, people who are afraid of large dogs are suitable for raising such dogs, and most of these dogs are raised in the countryside. Some leftovers and leftovers are also very fragrant and not picky. Very suitable for rural home care centers.

    What dogs are suitable for raising rural areas
    2, German shepherd dogs: German shepherd dogs are often called black shellfish at home. This kind of dog generally does not dare to approach easily. In fact, He is not as indifferent as we think, because it is a very good dog species, with a very confident temperament. He is often used as a guide dog, a door -looking dog, and a investigating dog. German Mu is very calm and smart. It may be timid and nervous in an unfamiliar environment. There is a big disadvantage is to love the tail, but once you are familiar with this dog, it is relatively approachable.

    What dogs are suitable for raising in the countryside
    3, Labrador: Labrador is more playful, lively and active. This kind of dog IQ is very high in like to play games with humans. It is very tame. As long as the owner seduces it, it is easier to tame. It is loyal to the owner, a little sticky, and is very good for children and children. The biggest disadvantage of this kind of dog is hair loss, and hair loss is lost all year round, and it does not like to be clean. Sometimes I have to see it. To support the place.

    What dogs are suitable for raising in the countryside
    4, Golden Retriever: Speaking of golden retriever is also a variety of popular dog friends. First of all, it is kind and docile. However, he has a similar place to Labrador to love hair and do not love cleanliness, so people with cleanliness need to consider it carefully if they want to raise it. It also has a disadvantage is that it is best to support it at home, otherwise it is best to raise it, otherwise it cannot be allowed to be at home.

    What dogs are suitable for raising in the countryside
    5, Du Gao: Du Gao is thinner, most of them, very easy to raise, not picky eaters, if you have no time to raise it, give it some leftovers leftovers. However, he is the most worry -free than the dog who picks eaters. He is smart and strong in nature. He has the instinct to defend his homeland and watch the home. However, Du Gao is highly alert to be alert. The owner of such dogs should pay attention to raising separately. Usually, he should also pay attention to the distance from the surrounding dogs to avoid causing the shelves.

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