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  1. Can.

    It dogs do not want to raise:
    : Consultation of reliable friends, if you have a dog, a dog you want to raise for the time being, you can communicate with them. You can find a warm home for the dog. Secondly, you can contact your friends at any time and visit the dog.
    : Any information to the society, explain the reason, can communicate with friends who are interested in adopted, such as Weibo, Douban, Post Bar, etc. However, it must be noted that some people disguise themselves as adopted people and do cruel things to dogs, so they must register information and follow up the dog's living conditions.

    three: Go to the shelter and adopt the base. These bases have relatively many channels for adoption information. They can communicate with them, publish the dog's information, photos, and addresses, and help the dog find the right family.
    These are the ways to help the dog find a new home. If there is no way to raise it, it is recommended to find a new owner who meets the conditions of breeding puppies for puppy, or send it to the puppy's shelter to wait for the adoption of the new owner. Never throw the puppy to a place, and hope to pick it up in a good -hearted person. Instead, put the puppy in the situation of a stray dog, and even be taken away by some bad guys and even killed.

  2. Hum, it is better to be better for dogs. He is human. If you raise it, you have to be responsible for it. If you don't want to raise it, sell it, feel too cruel, and be patient? It's a strange place, the dog is very helpless. It is best to raise it by yourself. Trend it well. He must be troublesome, but it also brings you happiness

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear, hello. 1. Find the appropriate new owner to the dogs between the circle of friends, acquaintances, and neighbors to publish the information transferred by the dog to the circle of friends. It is a good way for friends, loved ones, and neighbors to help forward. Introduce each other, you can understand the relevant situation of the buyer, and you can also understand the living conditions of the dog in the future, and will not completely lose the news of the dog. 2. Hanging on the online platform, such as leisure fish, 58 city, turning, etc., there are no suitable candidates around, or it is difficult to negotiate between acquaintances. Buyers. When publishing dog information, you can introduce the age, personality and preferences of the dog in detail, and you can also directly explain the requirements of the buyer. Hanging on the Internet is the simplest and direct way.n3. Find a familiar pet shop for sale, and let the owner help to find a suitable buyer. If you do n’t have time to communicate with the buyer and deal with dog transfer matters, you can find the pet shop that goes often and let the owner help to find a new owner for the dog. It is particularly suitable for people who need long -term business trips or changes in life. Similarly, the requirements for buyers can also be directly explained, so that pet shops can be responsible for communicating with buyers. 4. Sell to regular dog houses. Generally, they rarely harvest adult dogs, but if you do n’t find a new owner for the dog, you can also find the regular dog in this city and sell the dogs directly. This can give the owner to the owner Save time and reduce related trouble. In addition, dogs don’t have to worry about being taken well in a regular dog house.

  4. Since it is raised, he must be responsible for him. He does not want to raise it to find a good owner, give it a good destination, and sell most of his life.

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