5 thoughts on “Dog bites to death”

  1. Dogs should be killed and should be liable for civil compensation.
    . The responsibility of the dog owner: the relevant provisions of the "Infringement Responsibility Law":
    1, seventy -eighth: The animal breeder or manager shall bear the liability of infringement if the animal breeder or manager shall be damaged by others. However, it can prove that the damage is caused by the intention of being intentionally or major negligence by the infringer, and may not bear or reduce the responsibility.
    2. Seventy -nine: In violation of the management regulations, if the animals do not take safety measures to cause damage to others, the animal breeder or manager shall bear the liability for infringement.
    3. Article 80: If a dangerous animal such as a rated dog is prohibited caused damage to others, the animal breeder or manager shall bear the liability for infringement.
    . After being bitten by a dog, the rabies vaccine should be injected in time.
    1. Those who died due to the inaccurate injection, and then according to why they were not injected in time and distinguished the responsibilities, the relevant personnel were responsible.
    2. In principle, the dog owner should pay the cost of injection vaccine in time after the dog bites. If others die because they are not paid in time, the dog owner shall bear the corresponding responsibility. Because, in fact, even if the dog owner does not pay in time, as a bit of the person, he should inject it in time.

  2. In general, dogs cannot immediately bite people to death. But if you do not set off in time and do not take the epidemic prevention needle in time, you may die even if you drink an injection. Therefore, you must not be lucky. You must take the epidemic needle in time and pay attention to taboo matters in time.
    Is that the dogs are bite and cause the claims of the dog, which can be resolved through negotiation and legal channels.

  3. Dog biting people will die, especially if there are rabies. If you are bitten by a dog, you need to get injections in time, get vaccine, and that large dog must be bornered. elder.

  4. If such a serious problem, this dog raising person will be responsible. Since you have a dog, if you can kill people, you have this responsibility to bear it. Because if you have a dog, since it is bitten, if you are still raising, why do you hold it this time? Since it is raised, it is responsible. The dog breeders should be responsible for the end.

  5. This incident is very dangerous. He will hurt people. You will hurt people. You must pay attention to raising it in a cage or in a large factory. Do not put him out. Dead, things can't be done.

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