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  1. The management of golden retriever puppies is very important, because the growth of puppies will affect future growth. How should I manage puppies? So let's take a look at the main points of the breeding of golden retriever puppies I carefully recommended for everyone. Help you.

    The main points of the breeding of golden retriever puppies
    Golden retriever puppies, like other pet dog puppies, are weak in their bodies, poor adaptability to the environment, and their physical functions are very weak. It's relatively slow. So what are the issues that need to be paid attention to in the process of breeding golden retriever puppies. How can we ensure the health of golden retriever puppies and let it grow up healthy and happy?

    The quality golden retriever puppies, if the feeding management is improper, it is impossible to grow into a dog. Especially the 5-8 months after the birth of the Golden Retriever puppies, this is the golden period of the dog's growth, and it is also an important period for bone formation and determining whether the dog grows. Therefore, the management of this period is very important. Pay attention to.

    . In terms of diet:

    1. You must replace fresh drinking water sooner or later and maintain a certain amount of dosage. Most of the gastrointestinal and intestines of golden retriever puppies are very weak. It is best to feed foods with less fiber and soft fiber.

    2. For the golden retriever puppies for 2 to 6 months, they still have to feed foods that are easy to digest and absorb to avoid indigestion and cause lower diarrhea. For example, baby bitter food, high fine corn flour.

    . The beef pork, fish, fresh vegetables and rice that people eat can be used to feed the dog. When feeding, chop corn powder, vegetables, and meat, cook into porridge, and add an appropriate amount of salt (people can eat), but the vegetables should not be cooked for too long to avoid destroying vitamin ingredients.

    4. The amount of food should be based on the type of dogs and the diet of the dog. You can feed 3 to 4 times a day. As the weight increases, the amount of food should be increased accordingly. At the same time, you can add a small amount of calcium powder or a few drops of vitamin AD to the food, add three times a day, but be sure to add it after the food is cooled.
    This Two or ten months ago Golden Rather puppies Precautions:
    1. During the golden retriever puppies, if you can occasionally feed with appropriate amounts of raw meat or fish, it will help the dog's development. However, we must get rid of fish bones and fishbone.

    . If the golden retriever puppies eat rice, they will cause indigestion of gastrointestinal disorders. Therefore, they must be cooked into soft food.

    3. Do not feed only meat without rice.

    4. Biscuits with less sugar are also used as snacks, which is also a way to subsidize dinner.

    The golden retriever puppies after 5 or 3 weeks can remove cattle, sheep milk and soup outside breast milk, but the soup cannot contain too much fat, otherwise it will easily lead to diarrhea.

    6. The golden retriever puppies around January can be cooked with minced meat, rice, corn flour, flour and vegetables with breastfeeding.

    7, 35-45 golden retriever puppies can be cooked with thick soup, plus appropriate amount of coarse grains, vegetables, fish and salt as the staple food. During this period, please drive a parasite in the body at a time.

    8. Change the drinking water of golden retriever puppies in the morning and evening.

    9. After the golden retriever puppies grow to 4 to 5, the bones gradually grow. Food cannot contain too much oil ingredients.

    10. Golden retriever puppies can feed soft rice after 5 to 6 months, and add an appropriate amount of coarse grains and vegetables containing less fiber to supplement vitamins. This is a critical period for the growth and development of Golden Rather puppies, and must provide sufficient food nutrition.

    11. When the golden retriever puppies grow to August, the female dogs begin to experience physiological phenomena, vaginal bleeding will last for 2 to 3 weeks. When the amount of bleeding is reduced, the pussy will swell and enter the ovulation period It will last about 5 days. The female dog is only matched during this period, and it is best to circle or tie it to avoid getting close to the male dog. After 5 to 6 months, it is more appropriate to mate and give birth to the second estrus.

    12. The calcium supplement of golden retriever puppies is best to start from the age of golden retriever to June.
    On how to raise golden retriever puppies?
    The golden retriever puppies who take care of 2 months, just like taking care of young babies, they need the owner to spend time. The two -month -old golden retriever is a critical moment in the growth stage. The body is fragile and incomplete. Its bit by bit requires the owner's patient maintenance and care.

    The golden retriever puppies are generally weaned at 1-2 months, so the two-month-old golden retriever may have just been weaned. At this time, the principle of feeding puppies is to eat and eat less daily, and feed 4 meals at a standard of 4 meals a day. The food for puppies should be high nutritional, easy to absorb and digestion. If you choose a professional dog food, you need to use warm water to soak the dog food before feeding.

    The 2 -month -old golden retriever puppies are in the early stages of rapid growth. The body's demand for nutrition is very large, in order to meet the growth of puppies. In addition to preparing nutritional foods, the owner also prepares some nutrients such as calcium tablets, vitamins, and then add it to the puppies' foods to meet the needs of nutrition for their growth, so that dogs can be normal and normal. Healthy grows.

    In addition to diet, parents should also manage the life of golden retriever puppies. It should be noted that before the dog did not vaccinate, the body's resistance was very weak, and the disease resistance was very poor. In order to avoid the illness of the golden retriever, parents should prohibit the dog out and take a bath for the dog. And these should wait for the golden retriever puppies to vaccine for 2 weeks to ensure that puppies are healthy.

    The young golden retriever is the same as the baby, and greedy is also sleeping. Parents need to build a warm and comfortable kent kelp in addition to preparing a healthy nutrition meal for it. You can rest safely. Especially in winter, parents must do a good job of keeping warm. You can use a hot water bottle or other thermal insulation methods to increase the temperature of the kernel nest, so that puppies can warmly fall asleep.
    It golden retriever, what should I pay attention to when feeding everyday feeding?
    This golden hair meat is dumb, fat, and dumb looks very flattering. But if you like it, you should also pay attention to the feeding method of Golden Retriever. Only the healthy little golden retriever will bring us more happiness.

    Is do not feed golden retriever puppies

    do not allow golden retriever puppies to have the opportunity to swallow chicken bones, ribs or fish bones, because they will stay in the throat, and then crack, If you don't stay in the throat, you will slide into the body and pierce the stomach wall and intestine.

    Buka baby to eat dog food is healthier

    do not allow golden retriever puppies to eat people's leftovers and leftovers, because dogs' needs for nutrition are different from humans, if humans use humans, The recipes to regulate dog food not only take time and time, but also it is difficult for dogs to obtain complete and balanced nutrition, and dog food should be mainly. This feed is prepared by scientific methods. It is delicious, comprehensive, easy to be digested and absorbed, and is very convenient to use. According to statistics, dog foods who have eaten dog food for a long time are more than one -third longer than dog food without dog food. And the smell of appreciation, tone and excrement will be reduced a lot, which is a good choice for dogs living in the apartment.

    Monading snacks before meals

    The meals do not give golden retriever puppies snacks. If it obeys other training, you can give it a little snack to show encouragement.

    It is more important when raising Golden Mao Bao. This will make it less lonely and make it happier.

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