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  1. How to train dogs to urinate? This is really a big deal for many owners of pet dogs. The top ten methods for training dogs to go to the toilet will be shared with you. I hope to help everyone train your own dogs!
    The method of training dogs to urinate 10 methods
    1. Arrange time to the toilet. The puppy will tend to games, sleep, eat, and drink water. After such activities, take it to the toilet, try to take a puppy to excrete outdoors, and prepare for snacks to reward it.
    2. Control the amount of food and water, because you need to excrete as much as you eat. Remember, when and where excretion is determined by you, regular feeding is "semi -time" excretion!
    3. Do not change after selecting high -quality dog ​​food. Because many poor dog food contains impurities without nutritional value, although it can be eaten safely, it increases the number of excretion daily. In addition, you should also avoid suddenly changing your diet.
    4. When you are not at home, you can use boxes or fences to limit the range of puppies. This is the best way to reduce the accidents of peeing everywhere. The wooden box is also desirable. Because of long -term prisoner (more than eight or nine hours), puppies can be excreted in the wooden box.
    5. Reward with snacks. This is the most effective method, but most people use this method to train dogs to pee in the house.
    6. Establish a ritual of going to the toilet, that is, every time you use the same door to get in and out of the same grass, and then wait patiently until the puppy excretes, praise it "Good Dog". Don't encourage too much. Talk to harass it. When you can predict when it wants to excrete, you can add the sentence "fast D" or "go to the toilet". After it is completed, praise it "Good Dog" and hand it in a snack.
    7. Gradually make your dog take more responsibility. Take it to the place where you want to go to the toilet, stay there, and take it away after it is completed. Gradually let it go to the toilet by itself, and eventually it knew how to complete the whole process. Note: Be sure to be sure that the puppy is really good to the toilet, otherwise you will receive a "unexpected surprise" later.
    8. I am willing to get up for your puppy at night. You have to let the puppy under three months go to the toilet at night. If it is allowed to pee in the room, it will only delay the time required for training.
    9. If the puppy is unexpectedly peeing in the specified place, do not punish it. This will only make it dare not go to the toilet in front of you in the future.
    10. Waiting for the puppy to grow. Dogs need to be five or six months old, and its muscles can be excreted like adult dogs. If the number of puppies to urinate at the same time can be reduced at the same time, then it can quickly mature to control itself
    The above is the top ten ways to train dogs to go to the toilet. It is very effective. You can try it!

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