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  1. Dogs do n’t eat: Dogs lying on the ground and do n’t want to move. Check if the dog has a snot or a cold or not. This is also a big relationship.
    In addition, if you have eaten food, you can consider this reason if you have eaten it before. Caused by parasites. If you eat well before, you will have a bad appetite, and there is a situation of rigid or thinning back, and the possibility of parasites is very likely. Dogs that often eat cold meat foods are particularly easy to have parasites. It is recommended to remove deworming regularly.
    In anorexia caused by some physical diseases, most diseases, including infectious diseases, will cause less and less, and then slowly eat anything.
    The cases are generally there are other symptoms. It depends on the situation. In severe cases, you need to go to the hospital to infusion.

  2. Hi, shit officer! This is everyone's pet, I hope the answer of the little pet is helpful to you:
    I says it is good, people are iron rice and steel bars, how can it be done on the dog? After all, our dogs, especially Golden Retriever, Bianmu, Husky, are active. The daily physical consumption is relatively large. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement sufficient energy to maintain its own spirit, otherwise it will not even endanger health.

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    For the sudden change of dogs, such as "suddenly don't eat", many shovel officers often care about it. When we encounter this situation when we encounter a dog, we might as well take the medicine one by one from the following aspects, find the problem and then solve it!
    1. Replacement of food has physical discomfort

    It dogs are more picky about food. If you do n’t eat dog food you are familiar with, then you may not like to eat it for a period of time (similar to hunger strikes) Case. During this period, if the dog has no discomfort, but does not eat, the shovel officer can adopt a step -by -step change method. Now add some new food to the old grains to let the dog gradually adapt to the taste of new grains. After that Just replace all the old food.
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    2, the environmental change causes stress response
    It some dogs in strange environments, such as moving or temporarily living in other people's house, there will be some stress reactions. Find a corner to hide, so that the shovel officer must first appease to let the dog gradually adapt to the environment. In order to avoid dog stress, shovel officers can bring some dogs that are familiar and used, so that the dog will smell much better.
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    3, the appetite caused by physical discomfort
    The dogs do not eat or drink. Compared to many shoveling officers, they will think that the dog is uncomfortable. If there is a problem, the appetite will naturally be affected.
    The appetite caused by a cold and cold, and the small dog plague and small dogs also cause the dog's loss of appetite, but the shoveling officer should not have such thinking: dogs do not eat or drink, it does not mean that they have serious illness and serious illness. Essence Because in general, the emergence of diseases often has a one -one -one reaction, and loss of appetite may be only one of them.
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    This pets suggest that if the shoveling officer finds the dog's appetite, there are also symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and increased secretions. Essence

    4. Physiological anorexia causes loss of appetite
    of course, another reason is that the dog's body does not have a health problem, but you do n’t want to eat anything. It may be only a few mouthfuls or vomiting directly. This situation may be related to dogs' physical anorexia. "Physiological anorexia" is generally before the dog's dental exchange period, estrus period, pregnancy response, and before delivery.
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    This shoveling officer can observe for a while to see if the dog has improved. If the situation has not improved for several days, it is still recommended to consult a pet doctor to seek conditioning.

    5, how can the dog's loss of appetite improve?
    1) Physiological anorexia
    If it is only a physiological problem, you don't have to worry about the shoveling officer. When this time passes, the dog will naturally adjust it. You only need to pay attention to whether there are other complications. Essence
    2) Improved dietary structure
    If feeding a lot of snacks in the shoveling officer, or some feeding too many foods causes the dog vitamin and trace element to intake enough, then you need to adjust the diet structure, then you need to adjust the diet structure, then you need to adjust the diet structure. Fruit and vegetables, meat, and dog food need to be balanced.
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    3) Consultation of the doctor needs to consult the doctor
    . If the shoveling officer finds that the dog is not only a loss of appetite, and other symptoms also appear, then it is best to take the dog to the pet The hospital conducts relevant inspections to determine what the specific reason is, avoid self -understanding, and judge the medication in chaos, and finally delay the illness.
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    3) Reasonable exercise enhances resistance
    The dog movement can not only improve the body's function, but also improve the respiratory circulation system. Harmful. Reasonable exercise has a certain promotion effect on solving "accumulating food", which can make the dog's appetite better.

  3. Dogs may not eat, sometimes it may be okay. It ’s just a few days; but sometimes it may be sick, you need to treat symptomatic treatment.

  4. The reason why a dog does not eat. This reason why you need to look at the dog do not eat first, because the reasons caused by the picky eaters, or the dog is sick, uncomfortable, so don’t eat it anymore.

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