The long hair dog raised at home. How should I take care of it?

-! The long -haired dogs I raised at home are everywhere when wipe the ground. ~
In how to take care of the long hair dog.

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  1. 1. To take care of the dog's hair, you must insist on combing it every day. When the dog gets up in the morning, you will find that the hair on it will be messy. At this time, parents should sort out the hair for it. This can remove the dust on the hair in time and keep the hair shiny.

    Secondly, we must take care of the hair of the dog, and take a regular bath and clean it. Of course, the bathing cycle does not have a fixed rule, as long as it is determined according to the actual situation of the dog's body. Generally speaking, the bathing cycle of summer should be more frequent, and the bathing cycle of the autumn and winter can be slightly extended.

    2. Bathing for dogs requires a shower gel. Of course, people are used for pet gels for other pets for pet dogs. Bathing for dogs, you should buy professional pet fragrances. Do not use other pet fragrance, laundry powder, soap to use other pet fragrance, laundry powder, and soap for ease of time.

    This hair to grow healthy and grows enough nutrients to supply. For example, rich protein, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc. can add some nutrition to dog food, just like my family is feeding blueberry essence. To take care of the dog's hair, you must pay attention to the nutrition of the diet.

  2. The practice of reality:
    buying a seater wipe. If you do n’t use cloth, you must use a sponge. You can mop the hair every day. In fact, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner if possible.
    If the dog has a lot of hair, you need to pay more attention to its diet. Is it too salty to eat? This is easy to cause the dog's fierce hair. Pin the dogs regularly every day to reduce the hair.

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