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  1. The dog's nose is the barometer of whether it is healthy. The dog's nose becomes dry or runny nose, which means that the pet dog's body is abnormal. So do you know as the owner, what should the dog runny nose?

    Mou should first judge the cause of the dog's runny nose. First, touch the dog's nose and do not dry. A healthy dog ​​should be moist except when sleeping. Most of the runny nose is a problem of cold weather. At this time, it is easy to catch a cold if you don't pay attention; if your nose is dry, accompanied by cough, no spirit, etc., it is likely to be a cold and fever.

    Then observe whether the dog's snot is clear or yellow -green thick snot. If the nose is transparent, it may be a cold and fever; if the snot is yellow -green nose, and it is accompanied by cough, then the dog is likely to have inflammation such as canine plague or pneumonia bronchitis. The situation must be went to the pet hospital for examination to see what the bottom is.

    If a cold depends on what causes the cold. In fact, the pets are like people, and the cause of the disease will be better. Banlangen, etc.; If it is a cold cold, take a little bit of cold medicine, such as antiviral oral solution, the dog's medication is about one -third of the human medicine.

    If it is a canine plague, it is troublesome, the canine plague is a condition with a very high mortality rate in the canine plague. 3 days. Then it faded, and it seemed to be a characteristic of a cold, but after a few days, the body temperature rose again and the duration was uncertain. It can be seen that there are tears, conjunctiva redness, and eye secretions from liquid -shaped to viscosity. The dry cough at the beginning of the disease slowly transforms to wet cough, and symptoms such as fatigue, anorexia and dyspnea. At this time, the dog must be given to a professional pet doctor, so as to have the opportunity to save the dog's life.

    When the dog is uncomfortable, the most needed is the care of the owner, and encourage him to touch him. He will be a lot stronger. This is a very useful trick. If your dog also encounters this situation or other diseases, you can communicate with Xiaobian.

  2. Consider whether it has a fever or pain.
    Is when cats have a fever to particularly high, such as more than 40 degrees Celsius before they get cold and trembling, but this body temperature can be identified at home. If the cat has a fever, the cat's mental state will be poor, stubborn, do not like to eat, and do not like activities. Some cats can feel this trembling when they touch their ears, or feel the heat of the belly. However, some cats are trembling and not fever or fever, suggesting that cats have painful performance. The pain of cat trembling is often painful diseases with chronic joint degenerative lesions such as pancreatitis or lumbar spondylosis, cervical spondylosis, and cervical spondylosis.
    If this is the case, you should go to the hospital for a related examination in time to determine the source of pain before you can completely cure the pain.

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