4 thoughts on “The poodle is a more beautiful and docile dog, but if it does not cut the hair?”

  1. The poodle is a dog with a more beautiful and docile personality, so many people now choose to raise the Putch, but we know that the poodle needs to take care of a lot of dogs, especially on the hair. Careful care, there are more steps, so can we do not cut hair on poodles? Is it okay to cut all the wool? In fact, dogs are used, so cutting hair is to make the dog look more beautiful and more comfortable in appearance. It is also possible to pursue beauty like us.
    It, especially poodles, the hair is messy or hairy, and the dogs that need to be carefully cared for. If the hair is not cut, the shape of the poodle will be difficult to look at. This is more difficult for dogs. In summer, when the hair is dense, it is easy to produce some of its own bacteria and insects, and it is also easy to sogen. For dogs, it is also easy to breed some diseases.

    So for the poodle, we still have to choose to help the poodle cut. We can choose two types of hair cutting. One is to regularly go to pet hospital or some regular pet institutions to help the poodle cut the hair and make the poodle into this shape. Yes, this can ensure that the poodle has a good external image, and it can also ensure that the poodle grows healthy and happy, and take a dog out for a walk.

    If you feel that you can buy some soft scissors by yourself to go to a pet hospital or take a dog to the beauty, and help the dog after washing the hair. Prepare the tools of the dogs to repair and sort out their hair, as well as some trimming, detailed tools and hair dryers, which can be easily operated, simple and easy, and can help the dog grow up healthy and shape a temperamental appearance. Therefore, poodles still need to cut hair. Without cutting hair, the meaning of raising dogs cannot be reached.

    The hair on the poodle as long as it follows one principle, that is, the length of the hair is uniform, and it will not look too ugly. After trimming, you can see whether the hair on the dogs is cut neatly from all angles, and you can add more decoration. In order to make the dog's hair healthier and shiny, the owner usually combed the dog's hair, and it is also very important to choose a bath product suitable for dogs. These require the owner more.

  2. The poodle needs to cut the hair regularly. If the hair is not cut, the hair will block the eyes. The shape will not look good.

  3. Of course, it is possible, but the owner may need to clean the room every day, and if you do not cut the hair, it will make the poodle look less beautiful.

  4. No, if they do not cut hair, their hair will breed a lot of bacteria, which is not conducive to the health of the dog, and it also affects the aesthetics.

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