5 thoughts on “There are more and more pets. Why do people now like to raise pets?”

  1. There are more and more pets. Why do people now like to raise pets? First, there are more and more pet trends. Pet hospitals and pet shops are spread all over the streets. Pet food in the supermarket also accounts for a large proportion of DE booths, which is rooted in the development of the national economy DE. The old society DE has three meals without fruit, and only the landlord's family has a dog used to see the home care homes; after the reform and development, the people's living standards have improved, and the number of dogs DE is also large. Making dog meat pots; until nearly ten years, many pet dogs appeared. People raised dogs are no longer satisfied with home care homes and making food. They have fluffy DE hair and beautiful DE hairstyles. They are good friends of human beings.
    . The pace of life of modern people is very fast. There is no excess DE time to socialize. Pets are raised at home, just like family members, waiting for the night to return to others. Quiet de companion. It seems that someone eats with him, watch TV together, and take a walk together to meet the needs of young people's self -spiritual needs and relieve the pressure of life. More and more pets have become people's spiritual comfort, just like Ma Weiwei said on the show, "You have no love, you need to accompany, raise dogs." When you are in the emotional empty window period, put money, time, and energy into the emotional empty window period, invest in money, time, and energy to enter to the emotional empty window period. In the pets, I don't think it's more reliable than this. At least it is more reliable than quickly investing in a new relationship. There is also a rapidly old age. The retired elderly did not bring the grandson DE pressure, and also raised pets instead of Cheng Huan's knees.
    . The pet trend also brings huge DE business opportunities. The prospect is very good. A pet dog needs to take a bath once a week for a bath for 200 yuan. If you can provide on -site services, the cost is doubled. Buying jewelry and small toys, just like girls shopping and buying, can not stop at all. Pure breed dogs need special dog food with nutrients, as well as nutritionists matching DE recipe, often a meal DE fee is equal to people's meals.

  2. There are more and more pets. Why do people now like to raise pets? This is because in today's era, people’s lives are really level, and then he is also about the level of strength, so he has a free care to raise

  3. Because pets can comfort people's hearts. Many people are more lonely now, and pets can find a place for their hearts. So many people choose to keep pets.

  4. With the development of society, living conditions are getting better and better, many people are willing to use pets to restrain their emotions and enrich their lives.

  5. Because most people raise pets to relieve loneliness. Now people have too much time, so pets can relieve loneliness. Regardless of the elderly, there are young people raising. So more and more people like to raise pets.

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