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  1. The owner will feel that the dog is very boring at home. He thought he gave the dog a toy, so that they could play for a period of time without being destroyed at home, but the situation was often not as simple as the owner thought. Often it is the legendary "dog's nest", so why is it that dogs do not like to play those dog -exclusive toys? Today, dog toy wholesale editor talks about this topic with you.

    The reason why pet dogs do not like to play dog ​​toys may include many aspects. If they are older dogs, maybe their personality is relatively stable, It is no longer interested in which toys, and it may be because the owner's toy is not interested in dogs, not toys it likes to play. On the other hand, there are many types of pet dogs, and the preferences and personality of different pet dogs will be different. As long as the owner carefully observes and analyzes, you can understand the preferences of your dogs. Interested toys, this can reduce money. On the one hand, if the owner leaves home for a while and wants to use dog toys to soothe the dog, then the dog does not play toys, but it is likely to be a way of seeking attention at home. Dogs may find that only by a mess in the home can the owner get the attention after returning home, even if they scold them, they will be very happy.
    The above three different situations, dog toy wholesale editor recommends that everyone can treat the situation. For older dogs, do not force it. For problems that dogs are not interested in, the owner should know more about their pets. Dogs seek attention. At this time, the owner needs to train dogs well. You must not give the dog toys just to solve the problem of the dog. Do you know why your dog doesn't like to play toys, and how to treat these issues.

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