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  1. Can. Express companies have special pet consignment services. Of course, not every company has such services. Therefore, before consigning pets, you should contact the courier company to understand some related services. In addition, in addition to individual cities, most domestic railways are allowed to consignment pets, which is much cheaper than air transport.
    It consignment of pets, make enough preparations:

    In the official veterinarian station to issue a pet quarantine certificate and disinfection certificate; The shipping box (such as the aviation box, about 120 yuan, depending on the size);

    In the pets for the pets;

    Booking, a short -distance one or two hours of highway passenger transport, you can also choose the railway to consumption within half a day. If long -distance, the owner of the economic strength recommends that the aviation oxygen cargo cabin is checked;

    during the consignment process Try to avoid eating pets, because pets will vomit and diarrhea because of tension

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe answer is just finenHello, 1, first call to tell you the flight to ask if there is an oxygen cabin, you must have an oxygen compartment to check in pets. 2. Then you must call the flight customer service with a hand -to -hand, explain the good situation to him, you need to check the pet. 3. It also needs some documents, such as rabies vaccine testing, as well as immune certificates. So 48 hours in advance to apply for consignmentnHope to help you thank you dearnMore 2nBleak

  3. Plane checked.
    does not need to say that it is more expensive in terms of price. Generally, it depends on the size, weight, and near -distance charges of pets. The process of cheating pets should be more detailed and cumbersome, and there are certain requirements for shoveling officers and pets.
    It must prepare enough water for your pet during the consignment process. If the distance is long, the food is also necessary. In addition, the shoveling officer should not feed the pet too much before the consignment, it is best to prevent the pet motion sickness.

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