What should I pay attention to when traveling with pet dogs?

What should I pay attention to when traveling to the Chihua Doll? Can it be soaked in hot springs?
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  1. The door of the 2018 New Year has opened. Our traditional Chinese festival and the Spring Festival are coming. Many friends will choose to travel and travel on this long holiday. The shoveling officers must not forget their pets.
    It with pets to travel, there are some inconveniences. Pets are like little babies, and they need to take care of them. So what problems should I pay attention to when traveling with pets?
    , don't forget the potential danger of the strange environment for its existence. The traction zone is essential. If it is necessary to bring the mouth cover.
    Comantic Wang Xingren's resistance, female dogs who are in estrus, sick or old dogs are weak and difficult to travel. The timid or good dog should be cared for and tube when going out.
    don't leave the dog alone in the car. Bring a good dog certificate, dog brand and immune certificate.
    It is best not to feed before departure, and it is easy to motion sickness and vomiting.
    This with the dogs that dogs like and the cushion that keeps the compartment clean. If necessary, bring the dog's small clothes.
    It as far as the road, dogs should be arranged every two hours to get off the car and drink water.
    It with sufficient clean drinking water, it is best to get the water from the departure zone, and it is best to use food and tableware. Avoid not accepting soil and water.
    The necessary pet drugs; dogs are allergic to certain substances, and they are alert to skin rash, swelling of the mouth, drooling, etc.
    The last thing is to travel civilized. Don't let the dogs scare other passengers, and don't let the dog's stool affect public hygiene!
    In I wish you all a good holiday!

  2. Take the dog out for precautions
    1. Do not let the dog eat too much. In order to make the dogs not hungry, many owners eat a lot of food for the dog before travel. The dogs start "post -meal exercise" before the dogs are fully digested. It is easy to cause stomach torsion.
    . There must be sufficient drinking water to meet the needs of dogs at any time.
    3. Most dogs are motion sick. If you are traveling for the first time, you should prepare hand paper, plastic bags and other items for use.
    4. Try to avoid letting the dog run on the mountain road with a large slope. The partner dog in the city is much less likely to expose the sun than the same kind. Generally, it is prone to calcium deficiency and vitamin D, resulting in not hard enough bone. Cases that can easily cause limb fractures when running on the suburban mountain road and jumping.
    5. Dogs like to be stubborn. When playing in the suburbs, once you find that the dog is holding some items that should not be caught, you should take advantage of it to prevent the dog from swallowing foreign bodies, causing esophageal blockage or foreign objects. Sex gastritis.
    It with dogs must pay attention when traveling, always paying attention to dogs, because of their curiosity, so they are interested in fresh food. Pay attention to their film and television at home, keep food fresh, and spend a pleasant trip with dogs.

  3. If you drive yourself, you do n’t pay attention, and you can eat and drink the key to prevent the soil and soil from inconsistent. If you take public transportation, you don't have to think about it, cars, trains, and planes are prohibited from carrying animals. It doesn't matter if no one is objected.

  4. The aircraft can be checked. If you drive yourself, you can buy a dog's special seat.
    If the consignment, you must have a dog certificate, and put her favorite toys in the cage. Do not give him or drink too much before boarding. Pay attention to keep warm and put the blanket.

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