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  1. So cleaning the dog's house:
    1. Help the dog combed hair every day
    It if we help the dog comb in the dog every day, it will become very different. Mao can also reduce bacteria and insects hidden in the hair.
    It helps the dog to remove the dirt and dandruff on the hair. Actively sorting out the dog's hair can also reduce the hair loss at home and make the home cleaner!
    2, regular cleaning dog supplies
    Most people usually wash their bedding for half a month or a month, but if you have a dog, you may need to adjust the frequency to a week to clean up.
    It not only should you clean the bed every week, but also the dog's nest should be clean. The dog bed may be a little dirty. Washing once a week will make the owner and dog healthier!
    3. Buy an air purifier
    If conditions permit, we can use air purifiers at home to capture dirt, dust and dandruff in the air, and keep it clean and healthy.
    The fresh air is very important for reducing the dust and dirt accumulated inside and lung accumulated. This is not only useful for dogs, but also useful!
    4. Regular insect repellent for dogs
    This outdoor sports may often be stubborn and flea. Therefore, in order to avoid some parasites taken home by dogs, the best way is to regularly give dogs regularly Develop internal and in vitro.
    It is recommended to carry insect repellent once a month, the dog is healthy, and there are many troubles in the family!

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    The deworming in the body and outside the body

    The is very hygienic if you want to raise a dog and want to be home, so you must do a good job of the dog's deworming work. The parasites on the dog include in vitro and internal body. Desert deworming in the body is done regularly. In vitro deworming needs to be done frequently, especially in spring and summer. Generally, it can be sprayed. If you go out frequently, you need to increase the frequency of spray.

    The ears for dogs

    It varieties of dogs, such as Teddy and Bear, are very easy to breed ear mites. Ear The mites are ugly and dirty. If they are not treated in time, the dogs will smell bad soon. But it is also okay, although ear mites are not hygienic, they are not infected with humans. So there is no need to be afraid, just prevent regular prevention.

    Coustically combed dogs

    On how to keep dogs cleaning home? Families to raise dogs must pay attention to sweeping dog hair often, otherwise dog hair will affect family health. The other is to comb the dog often, because some hairs have actually dropped, but they are still on the dog's skin.

    This to take a bath once a week

    The dogs need to take a regular bath, but do not need to take it frequently, once a week, take too much bath It has an impact on the dog's body. Brother Kaixu reminds: Take a bath for dogs, you must use dogs for dogs. Do not use shampoos for people. Dogs and people's hair composition is different. Habing shampoo is not right.

    . Try not to contact pet dogs and stray dogs

    Dogs are highly social animals. Greeze the dog. The dog owner should prohibit pet dogs and wild dogs, stray dogs contact. Wild dogs, stray dogs have not been vaccinated, there may be a variety of viruses on their bodies, which may be transmitted to pet dogs.

    This regular cleaning of dog clothes, dog toys

    This Hygiene Precautions: After the dog is raised at home, you need to clean the dog clothes and dog toys regularly. Dirty toys, clothes have an impact on the health of the dog. If you find humidity, you must get it in the sun. Raising dogs is a very troublesome thing.

  3. 1. Keep indoor hygiene
    Dogs like to roll on the ground and lie down everywhere. Sometimes they love the drilling machine. Therefore, for the better hair of the dog, indoor sanitation must be cleaned or disinfected every day to reduce bacteria. Let it roll on the ground and not stain hair.

    2, the dog's nest should disinfect the sun
    The dog's body is not clean, even with taste, it is likely that the dog's nest is not clean. It will not be changed because of the weather or not helping the dog. It is best to wash it once a week, and then expose it to reduce the bacteria on the dog.

    3, regularly help dogs take a bath
    In order to make the dog healthier, it is also necessary to help the dog take a bath regularly. Take a bath 1-2 times a week. Using pets for pets, human baths can cause dog skin diseases. If the dog does not match and take a bath, you can use some small snacks such as dried chicken and sweet potatoes to induce it. The dogs have more willing to cooperate with households.

    4, insist on combing hair every day
    Stherbone combing hair every day except to clean the hair that can be cleaned off and remove the dust. In fact, there are other benefits. The dog's skin resistance can also eliminate the fatigue of the dog. For dogs who often lose hair, it can also reduce hair loss. Therefore, it is recommended that dogs with hair loss combing hair every day!

  4. 1. Help dogs combing hair every day
    2, regular cleaning dog supplies
    3, buying an air purifier
    4, regular insect repellent to dogs regularly insect deworming

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