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  1. The weight of dogs in our lives is now getting heavier, and even many families have now regarded dogs as a member of our lives. Of course, we will bring a lot of potential to get along with the dogs in harmony with the dogs. The problem, for example, more and more families have dogs, but what if the dog is bitten when you go out alone?
    , do not ignore the treatment of the dog wound
    The editor was troubled by such problems. At that time, it was the hottest summer in 2017. When the dog went out to play, it was played by other dogs. Bite, when I got home, I found that half of my face was almost all blood. For the first time, I was so embarrassed in the face of my dog, and I was almost helpless at the same time as surprised and distressed.
    The iodine used for disinfection at first, wiped the blood on the dog and looked for wounds. Later, the wound was found in the ears (because the dog hurts not to touch, it may be bite through the ears by other dogs), because there is a lot of blood in the ears, but because the blood is no longer flowing, the dog will not let the touch touch the touch of the touch. Just thinking about it will be good in a few days.
    . After a few days, the dog's ears not only did not see better, but the pheasant pus and even the smell of wounds appeared. At this time, I realized the importance of the problem. Hold down the dog, to comfort the dogs, and disinfect the dog. After about 3 or 4 days, the dog has improved slightly.
    It similar situations should be dealt with
    Plores to realize the importance of disinfection of dog wounds in time after this incident. What should I do if the dog is bitten? Don't worry, don't be sad, of course, don't care about it, keep rational disinfection for dogs.
    of course, because of the bleeding or the existence of hair, we may not be able to make a timely judgment on the wound size, so after determining the position of the wound, the method around the wound must be cut off to determine the wound size. If the wound is relatively small, disinfect, take medicine, and change medicine in time, but if the wound is relatively large or even difficult to stop bleeding, you must send it to the nearest pet hospital for treatment as soon as possible, and accompany the dog during treatment.
    Is what problems do dogs are bitten
    First of all, the most important thing is whether the dog will be infected with rabies virus. If a dog is carried by rabies virus, it may not necessarily develop, so it is difficult for us to judge whether it is carried by a rabies virus. Whether it is a dog or a person, once you are bitten by other dogs, you must inject rabies virus in time in case.
    In fact, there is still the most important point. Although it is a dog, the problem hidden behind it must not be ignored.
    The dogs of other dogs are likely to bite people. So if you know which dogs who bite your own dog, you must find its owner and negotiate with the owner, it is necessary to do a good post -education on the dog. Perhaps many people may not realize this, thinking that "the dog is not a dog is not a human". If so, I want the dog's owner to apologize and even compensate. What about other dogs?

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