1 thought on “Why does the pet dog's nose get dry?”

  1. There are many reasons for the dry nose: 1. I just woke up. Generally, when dogs are awake, they often use their tongue to lick their noses, and they will become dry when sleeping. This is normal, not a disease, as if people sometimes lick their lips to keep their lips moist, and they will keep them moist, and they will keep them moist, and they will keep them moist, but After waking up in the morning, the lips will be more dry.
    2, allergic constitution. Dry nose may also be an allergic reaction. It may be seasonal allergies caused by allergens or food allergies in the environment. It may also be allergic to his water bowl plastic. There are many different allergens, carefully observing, which will help know which dogs affect your dogs.
    3, the temperature is too high. When the weather is relatively cold, dogs and cats will find a warm place by themselves. These warm air blowing on their faces may make their wet noses get more and more dry. If they want to sleep in a warm place and keep their noses at the same time, they may apply a little warm water to keep the humidity.
    4, drink too little water. When the dog lacks water in the dog's body, the nose will be dry. Some dogs drink less water, and the master must urge drinking water to replenish the dog by playing games. Adult dogs need 100 ml of water per kilogram per day. Little dogs need 150 ml of water.

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