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  1. The handling of dog certificates has the following two ways:
    1. The dog -raising card can be directly handled online. You can contact the news publishing center of the local public security department to consult and handle it;
    2, if the city living cannot be handled online, you can go to the local police station for processing. If you go to the police station, you need to get a prevention needle, and then you go to apply for a "Dog Immune Certificate". Then take a side photo and full -body photo for the dog, and then go to the local police station to receive the "Dog Information Registration Form".
    "The Code of the People's Republic of China"
    Article 1,245
    The animal breeders or managers shall bear the liability for infringement; Proved damage is caused by the intention of the infringer, and may not bear or reduce the responsibility. Article 1,200
    The fault caused by a third person to cause others to damage others, and the infringer can ask the animal breeder or manager to ask for compensation or the third party request compensation. After the animal breeder or manager compensates, he has the right to recover from the third party.

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