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  1. There are three types of products in Kunming dogs: black back, grass yellow, and wolf green, with moderate body shape, well -proportioned appearance, slightly closer square, shoulder height and body height, thin skin, short hair, tight skeletal structure, compact physique, muscles, and muscles. The joints are strong, the hind limbs are upright, and the movement is agile.

    Labrador is a medium and large dog. It has a mild personality, lively, high IQ, four colors: black, yellow and chocolate, and beige. , Medium body type.
    Alaska sled dog standing, the head is vertically, the eyes look vigilant and curious, it feels full of vitality and very proud, the head is wide, the ears are triangular, and the state is vigilant. Black and white, reddish brown's hair color. Husky has a smaller body and has a softer hair. The ears are triangular, the hair is thick, and the hair color of the outer ear is mostly similar to that of the body surface. The inner ear is mostly white and the size is medium. The color of the Bear dog is generally white. It is a petite, strong white puff type dog. It has a cheerful personality, soft, deep eyes, dull, curious and vigilant. Pomeranian, a cute little dog, belongs to a German fox dog, is characterized by tailing tails. The hair color is generally white, red, orange, gray and black. Chihuahua is chilling and should not be kept in outdoor dogs. It is necessary to add ourselves to the cold when going out in winter. The common colors are light brown, maroon or white. Hounds such as Bucky Dog Hound have iconic big ears. Its special figure with long legs and short legs has a heavy bone burden, and is more greedy. It is very obsessed with the smell. The danger is unknowingly, and it is easy to lose. The head characteristics of the Chinese pastoral dog's head are closer to the appearance of its ancestor wolf. The tip of the mouth, the mouth of the mouth is short, the forehead, and the tail is raised upwards. It will be raised high when walking, mainly with money tails and sickle tails. The poodle is generally darker on the ears and necks. The eyes are very dark, oval, and the eyes are very clever. The focus of forming is silver white, cyan -gray, brown, brown, gray, apricot, apricot, apricot, apricot, and apricot. Color and cream color.

  2. Answer: It can be determined according to the size, age, shape, appearance, appearance, regional range and related dog types of the dog's body size, shape, appearance, adaptation of regional range and related dogs.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThere are three ways to answer. First, mobile phone Baidu search for dog variety, compare comparison, but some pictures on the Internet may not be accurate. Second, go to a nearby pet hospital or pet beauty shop to find professionals to ask. Generally, this method is the most accurate, and it is recommended to take it. Third, ask the people who know around or ask the dog vendors directly, but also get the results, but the accuracy is not necessarily high.

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