1 thought on “How to buy a dog market is the safest dog market, how to buy dogs, the safest”

  1. 1. Be sure to pay attention to whether the dog has an epidemic needle. Dogs without epidemic prevention needle, it is best not to buy it. If there is no epidemic needle, dogs are more likely to be infected with viruses.

    . If you find that the dog's body is very, very clean, you should pay attention to buying such a dog. Because in general, dogs are more likely to play. Those healthy dogs will leave dust more or less.

    3. Take a closer look at the dog's tongue. After the dog's mouth is opened, if you see black flowers on the dog's tongue, such a dog may be a pure -breed dog, of course, you can buy such a dog.

    4. When observing the dog, if you see the dog very happy and the spirit is particularly strong, what kind of disease may there be such a dog, so you must consider buying it carefully.

    5. Pay attention to observing the hair of the dog. If you find that the dog's hair is cosmetic, you must ask why you should make the dog beauty.

    6. Hug the dog to test. If the dog obviously looks stronger and lively, it is more natural when the dog is running and walking. Such dogs may be healthy, so you can consider buying.

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