1 thought on “What are the symptoms of puppies when they are cold?”

  1. Generally, trembling, sneezing, and runny nose occur, and symptoms of cough and lung infections in severe cases. At the same time, it may be accompanied by high fever symptoms.
    The performance of loss of appetite or abolition of appetite. Generally, the mental state is often poor, and this situation is more common in autumn and winter seasons.
    This is not recommended to treat it at home by themselves. It is necessary to take the dog to the pet hospital for treatment in time to prevent delays from delaying the delay.
    During the treatment period, the owner needs to keep the dog warm, and feed the dogs with some foods that are easy to digest and have nutritious, such as bone soup soaked dog food.
    If the cough and runny nose are more seriously recommended to be perceived, shortening the course of the disease, and accompanied by symptoms of diarrhea, you need to take some pet professional probiotics orally.
    The dog's resistance is relatively weak. Usually, the owner needs to keep the dog warm and do not put it outdoors.
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